Trump Is Back! POTUS Holds YUGE Rally In Florida After Recovering From COVID (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on October 13, 2020

President Trump triggered the Media (D) on Monday night by showing up in Sanford, Florida to hold a large rally.

There was a lot of banter on social media by leftists claiming that the President wouldn’t have the stamina to hold the long rallies that Trump is known for.

The Media (D) was also very concerned about holding a large rally during a pandemic, especially since POTUS had contracted COVID recently.

Trump received the all-clear from doctors who have said it is safe for him to hold rallies since he is no longer infectious.

CNN’s Jake Tapper even said that in holding the rally, it was like President Trump was “trying to kill off his own supporters.”

Despite the criticism, President Trump went to Florida and spoke to his supporters there. What he said during the rally triggered our Media (D) betters.

President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail on Monday, his first since he was hospitalized for Covid-19, taking familiar hits at his Democratic rival Joe Biden and urging his supporters in the crucial battleground state to vote .

At Trump’s Florida rally, the president was also cavalier about his battle with Covid-19, telling the crowd — estimated at 7,000 people — in a state that has been hit hard by the virus that he felt strong and better than before. The president took a myriad of treatments when he was hospitalized and told the crowd he wanted to make his treatment plan available to everyone.

“We are going to take whatever the hell they gave me and we are going to distribute it to hospitals,” he said…

…“They say I’m immune. I feel so powerful,” Trump told the crowd in Sanford. “I’ll walk into that audience, I’ll walk in there, kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women.”

Source: NBC News

Gotta love POTUS! That’s hilarious!

He spoke about some substantive policy positions. He spoke about standing up for American workers, building the Wall, providing school choice for all families, and more.

Here are some highlights:

At the end of the rally, Trump was even caught dancing to “Macho Man” by The Village People.

He spoke to a pretty big crowd, too. Not like the handful of folks that show up at Biden events.

Now, we just need to make sure that all those people get out and vote for President Trump’s second term!


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