LMAO: Conservative Panelist Answering Like A Lefty Is Comedy GOLD (WATCH)

Written by Wes Walker on November 13, 2020

The game is ‘Party Swap’, where talking heads answer questions as if they belonged to the other team. Guy Benson has this down cold!

(If you’re a leftist and don’t get the joke he made about gerrymandering, have someone who gets it explain to you.)

We’re locked in a cycle of hurry-up-and-wait right now, where we’re waiting for the dust to settle so we can all see what’s next.

Nothing we can do will accelerate that process, so we might as well have some fun while we wait.

That was what happened here.

Kennedy hosted a few guests in an exercise she calls ‘party swap’. Guests. This week’s panel included Guy Benson, who we’ve featured and cited a number of times here on ClashDaily.

He’s the one you want to watch. The Conservative tasked with pretending to talk like a Democrat.

Honestly, his insane over-the-top portrayal pretty much nailed it, blending their superheated emotionalism with a blatant disregard for real-world implications of their ideas.

Bragging about victories that weren’t.

Referencing their real-world talking points, but in ways the sharp-eyed observer can recognize for their absurdity.

He even got some pokes in at Antifa and AOC while he was at it.

Poor Kennedy almost fell out of her chair.

If it’s a crazy messed-up world we live in, why not stop every once in a while for a good old-fashioned laugh?

They haven’t outlawed humor. (At least, not yet.)

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