WATCH: Biden Says That Kamala Is Feeding Him Intel Because She’s On The Senate Intelligence Committee — Is That Legal?

Written by Wes Walker on November 18, 2020

Imagine for a moment that Joe and Kamala had an (R) after their name… wouldn’t the partisan press of the day be calling for heads to roll over this comment? But with Joe… crickets.

In the middle of answering yet another how-great-are-you-and-how-much-does-the-other-guy-suck quesiton from the sycophantic media who have already pressed ahead to coronate Joe despite the fact that the issue is still very much unresolved and before the courts, Biden said something that would have instantly started a criminal investigation against any Republican who had said the exact same thing.

He just said that Kamala is sharing the Intelligence Briefings with Joe Biden.

That probably wouldn’t be a big deal if we knew for a fact that he was the President-elect. But no matter how many people repeat that title back to him, or announce that Trump has been defeated and is merely in denial of his ‘inevitable defeat’, the outcome of this race is still an open question.

It could be that Joe emerges triumphant. It could be that Trump does.

But for now, we do not have ANYONE standing in the role of ‘President-elect’. That makes this whole situation shady.

They wouldn’t be the first Demcrats who don’t think the rules of handling classified information applies to them.

Look at all the times that Democrat-aligned politicans, bureaucrats or others could leverage or leak classified information (or simply misuse or destroy it) with ZERO threat of facing any consequence.

Hillary Clinton is the obvious one. But there were plenty of others.

James Comey and his entire team. Adam Schiff. John Brennan and his entire team. Adam Shiff. Nancy Pelosi. Various players in the Impeachment circus. (And did we mention Adam Schiff?) Not to mention whoever it was that leaked tax records to the NYT.

These are the same leakers also stood ready to punish any Republican who DARED to leak, for example, the Trump-exonerating impeachment testimony that is STILL sealed in secrecy, or the thrice-sacred name of the WhistleBlower, peace be upon him.

Joe Biden — HIMSELF — wanted to slap the full force of the law against General Flynn for the ‘crime’ of contacting his foreign counterparts in the official capacity of his role on the Transition Team of a President whose electoral win was uncontested and certified.

I am writing this just a layman, and if someone knows the finer points of this more accurately than I, please set the record straight in the comments, but Biden is not yet confirmed as the winner, which seems to suggest he is not yet a person authorized to be ‘read in’ on these meetings.

What happens to a Senator on the Intel committe who knowingly (and openly) shares classified information with someone not currently authorized to have access to it?

Before his supporters start complaining that I’m splitting hairs, it’s hardly a ‘moot point’.

It’s the exact defense Comey used when he ducks and weaves to avoid testifying about his behavior while in office:

Oops, sorry. I don’t remember. Nope, you can’t read it back to me either, I no longer have my clearances. It doesn’t matter if I wrote it, it’s classified. Wish I could help ya, bud, but my hands are tied.

If it were a Republican doing this exact same thing?

There would be absolute hell to pay.

And this same corrupt media would be leading the charge.