Parler Leads Revolt Against Big Tech’s Tyranny Of Silence — Are You In?

Written by Wes Walker on November 17, 2020

Are you a complainer, or a doer? It’s moments like these that separate the men from the boys.

Anybody can point at a bully, cry ‘that’s not fair’ and wet their big diaper. That takes no courage at all.

But walking up to the same bully that just pushed you over, looking him in the eye and punching him square in the nose? Someone willing to do that is ‘built different’.

Big Tech Billionaires have gotten pretty comfortable with throwing their weight around against the ‘little guys’. All that time they spent kissing the Chinese Communist Party’s collective asses for a few extra drachmas taught them a few tricks about tyranny, too.

They’ve forgotten every lesson that America had to teach them about freedom of speech, freedom of association, and the right of each citizen to make an informed decision about who should be entrusted to govern this great nation.

No, they can’t have any of those dangerously contrarian opinions floating around. It’s far more convenient for them to lock down any opinion they disagree with, just like Xi locked down any mention of Winnie The Pooh (whose image was widely used to mock the Chinese tyrant).

China and Big Tech have both embraced a vigorously-enforced political monoculture. But we don’t have to follow them down that rabbit hole.

Dan Bongino got pissed after Twitter jerked him around one too many times, and went looking for other options. He found a promising young company behind which he threw both his money and his considerable influence.

Because that company doesn’t censor its users (regardless their political stripe) its growth has exploded. In case patriots out there need some encouragement and good news, the fact is, Parler is kicking everyone else’s ass right now.

The Henderson, NV-based company, founded in 2018 by computer programmers John Matze and Jared Thomson, says its membership swelled to about 8 million from 4.5 million in just the past week. Parler’s app is the No. 1 download in the Apple iOS and Android stores, according to measurement firm Sensor Tower. –Deadline

Poor little Brian Stelter is worried that there’s a forum out there he can’t possibly censor.

Like so many conservatives the left has been trying to shut down, it’s good to know you have options.

When you can’t find us on the censored social media sites anymore, you will still be able to find us on Parler.

Our Big Dawg, Doug Giles will be sharing our stories long after the ‘big’ guys have stifled our other social media presence into silence.

The other place some of you have been finding us is MeWe. We hadn’t been pushing MeWe as much lately, but our readers will find us more active there again in moving forward.

For those of you making the jump to Parler, you can find us here:

Ready to taste freedom on the internet again, and freely discuss the big ideas with some dope in a cubicle slapping a warning label on your ideas?

Find us there!


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