Rush Limbaugh Calls On Trump To Bring Out The Big Guns — Is He Right?

Written by Wes Walker on November 25, 2020

The Presidential result isn’t the only question up in the air right now. With Democrats, the Partisan Press, and Big Tech throwing everything they’ve got at Georgia, the Senate race needs all the help it can get.

Is it time for Trump to bring out the big guns? Something the Democrats have no answer for?

Something that will unify the base around a rallying cry?

Rush thinks it is. And with Stacey Abrams claiming to have sent out 750,000 ballots already, it’s not something we should leave to chance. Especially since they have already signaled they would end the filibuster, and make all kinds of changes to permanently tilt the political battlefield to their own advantage.

Here’s what he said:

RUSH: I don’t know about you, but I’d kind of like to see President Trump in Georgia. I’d like to see some rallies. I’m not alone in this. We got two Senate seats that are very crucial, the runoffs, Perdue and Loeffler. We gotta get these seats secured. Otherwise, the left is gonna be able to — well, they’re not gonna be stoppable. It’s just gonna be dependent on what they want to do as to how far they go.

So, those two Senate races, Perdue, Loeffler, they’re really crucial, and I think Trump is still the Republican Party. He’s still MAGA. He could still go down there and do some rallies and secure those two Senate seats. I don’t mean yesterday or today. But the runoffs, the elections are on June the 5th. So, time is of the essence

…RUSH: Also, in Georgia… You know, I mentioned mere moments that it would be great if there were some MAGA rallies in Georgia for the two Republican Senate candidates. Here’s another one. The Never Trumpers… (laughs) Are you ready? The Never Trumpers are saying Mitch McConnell will let the country burn if it means electing these two people.

If it means having a Republican-majority Senate, Mitch McConnell will let this country burn. “Cocaine Mitch,” they call him at this place. (laughing) But it would be nice, wouldn’t it? I mean, to have some kind of a showing of MAGA in Georgia for these seats. ‘Cause it does matter. But then there’s this report. This is from Breitbart’s David Ng: “Hollywood Heavyweights Including Will Smith, Mandy Moore, George Clooney, Pour Cash into Georgia Senate Runoffs …

“A-list stars including George Clooney, Will Smith, Joaquin Phoenix, and Leonardo DiCaprio are pouring cash into Georgia’s runoff elections, hoping to push Democratic challengers [the Pajama Boy] Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock,” who’s a genuine wacko, “across the finish line, thereby flipping the Senate blue. Clooney has donated $10,000 to the Georgie Federal Election Committee while Smith has given close to $4,000…”

This is chump change.

You people can’t be serious.

You think this is gonna matter? They’re Hollywood leftists and rich people. Four grand, 10 grand? That’s nothing. To these people, this is chump change. It might be the limit. Maybe you can’t give any more. But don’t tell me that this is a big sacrifice. So, Will Smith, four grand “according to Federal Election Commission data. The Hill first reported the donations, noting that Clooney,” okay, “maxed out on his donation back in June.” So there is a limit.

What we love about Rush is the same thing we admired about Trump. Even with the odds stacked against him, he’ll fight until that final bell.

It’s not often we’ve seen that kind of spine in Republican politics.

We like it. We want to see more of it.

We don’t yet know who will ultimately win the White House or the Senate.

But we can damned sure get to the end of the battle knowing we’ve given our all and not pulled any punches.

Our readers out in Clash nation still has some fight in them, don’t you?

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