Two New York Cops Shot In Broad Daylight — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on November 25, 2020

Ok, De Blasio, you can’t have it both ways. Are these folks heroes, or irretrievably racist and in need of ‘defunding’?

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In speaking to the families of the two wounded officers, de Blasio said:

“Here you have officers who do the Lord’s work,” he said. “They protect survivors of domestic violence. They go into some of the most volatile, difficult situations that you could possibly imagine.” –Foxnews

Is this the same guy who helped paint the slogan of the organization calling for the defunding and abolition of these same officers in front of Trump Tower? He did hardly anything to crack down on rioters who were not merely demonizing these officers (speech is still free) but attacking them physically as well?

Didn’t de Blasio announce a cut of a billion dollars in funding to the police?

Maybe hizzoner can take those pretty words and shove them. They’re heroes alright, but it doesn’t take a quisling like him saying so for us to know it.

He’s right about these two officers doing the Lord’s work, though.

It was a domestic violence situation gone very wrong.

Officer Christopher Wells, 36, was shot in the leg and suffered a broken femur. Officer Joseph Murphy, 32, was wounded in the hand. Both officers’ injuries required surgery. Wells has been on the force for 14 years and Murphy for six.

They were listed as stable, police Commissioner Dermot Shea said.

Goppy, 41, a peace officer at the City University of New York in Harlem, was shot in a gunfire exchange and pronounced dead at the scene.

Hours earlier, a 41-year-old woman, believed to be Goppy’s wife, went to the NYPD’s 105 Precinct to report a domestic incident from Monday night, Shea said. The two officers went back to the home with her, and were there for six minutes when Goppy arrived.

“Almost instantly, he walks in the front door and starts shooting at our two officers, ” Shea said.

The officers returned fire. It was not clear how many times Goppy was hit. The woman was not injured. Investigators recovered two handguns at the scene and another somewhere else, Shea said. Goppy was licensed to carry firearms.

Shea said Goppy did not have a criminal record, but officers previously had responded to the residence for domestic issues. He said investigators were looking into what happened in those cases. –Foxnews

It’s dangerous work at the best of times.

Spreading them ever thinner won’t help anybody — except those who thrive on the chaos.