Suddenly, On Election Night, The Media Cares About Those Riots In Kenosha (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2020

But those protests, as the media insisted on calling them, were ‘mostly peaceful’… right? So why are we suddenly talking about them now?

Ask yourself an honest question.

Unless you were from that part of the country, what are the chances that you could have found Kenosha on a map if you had to?

It’s not like it was exactly a household name before this summer, right?

And how did the media talk about it?

Their focus was mainly on a police ‘use of force’ incident, right? The guy who had fought police, and was reaching into a car where a knife was found?

And then the press had a lot to say about Kyle Rittenhouse, making some very serious allegations about his person and character (the guy was 17 at the time).

Do you remember the media having very much to say about the burning, looting and rioting? Or did they offer explanations for how that was a natural outgrowth of rage?

We learned pretty quickly that a lot of the rioters came there from out-of-town to incite violence. But the press didn’t have much to say about that, either.

But on election night, Kenosha’s residents made an unmistakable vote in favor of Trump’s law-and-order message. And look who’s finally paying attention to Kenosha.

A little late in the game for caring now, isn’t it?

Trump’s first term was made possible by the ‘forgotten man’ in America — in particular the worker.

This time around, he has made his appeal to some other ‘forgotten Americans’. And they have been hearing him.

As of the time this story goes to print, the results are not official.

But Trump still looks like he’s got a decent shot.

Maybe that ‘show of force’ wasn’t quite the brilliant idea these clowns thought it was.

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