WATCH: Ph.D. Constitutionalist Raises Alarms, Cites Specific Election Tampering

Written by Wes Walker on November 25, 2020

Patrick’s opening pitch is pretty straightforward — you can believe an entrepreneur who built a $2 billion e-commerce company and holds a Ph.D. from Stanford — or an army of media types and low-level bureaucrat yes-men who do not want to see their DC gravy train dry up.

It only gets better from there.

Patrick Byrne says he can prove the election was rigged against Trump, and in this 15-minute video, he makes his case.

Oh, before anyone accuses him of partisan loyalties, you should know, as a Libertarian, he’s never voted for either of the major parties in his life.

Since stepping away from Overstock dot com (which he founded) he has been like a dog on a scent about government corruption.

Is his argument here convincing? That, Clash reader, will be up to you to decide.

Unlike social media or the Presstitutes who have been openly cheering for the Democrats and sweeping any story critical of Old Joe under the rug, we will let the argument stand or fall on its own merit.

What was his Ph.D. in, you might be wondering? Since it’s relevant to this story, we’ll put it upfront: his Ph.D. is in the Intellectual History of the Constitution.

He figures he has their strategy pegged too. It wasn’t just a handful of 130-year-olds voting from beyond the grave like the media scoffers would have you believe.

But he is saying it wasn’t exactly the shotgun approach to widespread corruption that some on the right would claim either. (In that sense, the critics aren’t wrong.) It was something new entirely.

It was pinpoint-targeted on a handful of key counties that could swing key battleground states away from Trump and into Joe’s Column.

Two Republicans, he says, were even in on this plan.

Here’s the video:

And for when the YouTube version goes dark, as it almost certainly will, here’s a backup video from Rumble.

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