COVIDICTATORS: Clean Tech Entrepreneur Calls For COVID-19 Lockdowns To Be Made Permanent To Fight Climate Change

Written by Wes Walker on December 22, 2020

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Did you ever stop to think of this forced lockdown as taking the Green New Deal out for a test drive? Because that’s not so far off from what things would look like. We’ve already got people advocating to make this a permanent feature of the economy.

All for our own good, of course.

Here comes an article in Forbes pushing for exactly that, under the not-totalitarian-at-all title, ‘We Need An Operation Warp Speed To Battle Climate Change’.

When I wrote about the new Roaring 20s last December, the world was largely unaware of COVID-19. Although the pandemic has caused indescribable tragedy and hardship, it has also shown that with proper motivation and financing, humanity can do the impossible. That scientists developed safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines in less than a year is evidence of our untapped potential to solve global problems.

The lesson for climate change is that if we act with equal vigor, we can solve this crisis. But we need an Operation Warp Speed for the Climate. Thanks to the European and South Korean Green Deals and President-elect Joe Biden’s $2 trillion climate plan, the world is positioned to do it. Just as the original Operation Warp Speed met the need for timely new treatments and vaccines, this operation would deliver game-changing innovations for our climate crisis.

Time is short, however. To contain global warming to 1.5° C or at least to 2° C, the world must become carbon neutral by 2050. That means that by 2030, we need a clear line of sight to that goal. –Forbes

The author, of course won’t bother to mention that USA, during a Trump [gasp!] Presidency that had [clutches pearls] left the Paris Climate Accord actually reduced its emissions more than it’s global counterparts who remained in the accord.

Why? It’s simple really, paying customers began prioritizing environmental considerations in their shopping habits, and competition followed the money.

It didn’t actually require ultimatums and draconian penalties on offenders. Just simple market forces. The same forces that led to the DoE pushing forward on both next-generation nuclear power sources as a more sustainable electricity generation model AND officially moving us forward to something FAR more forward-thinking than inefficient wind and solar — FUSION.

What, did the news media somehow fail to announce that Trump’s administration has been taking action that’s far more forward-thinking than acres upon acres of solar panels?

We’re not hearing any of that from the enviro-tyrants because alternative power sources take us in the direction of greater economic freedom.

Why go in that direction when they can turn us into a nation of serfs, instead?

1. Lock in lifestyle changes brought about by COVID-19

When COVID-19 lockdowns began in spring, people adjusted their behavior, and daily CO2 emissions worldwide decreased by an average of 17%. BP and other energy companies expect COVID-19 to permanently dent demand for fossil fuels.

We have discovered that worldwide lifestyle changes are possible and have a massive impact on emissions. A recent survey commissioned by JLL JLL -1.1%, a commercial real estate company, found that 72% of office workers want a hybrid model in which they continue work at home several days per week after the crisis ends. A quarter want to continue working remotely full time. Let’s lock those changes in to reduce commuter pollution. Meanwhile, we need a way to get people safely back onto public transport (its usage is down). And for cases where transportation is unavoidable or has even increased, like with online shopping and freight shipping, it’s time to scale electric trucks and hydrogen-powered cargo ships.

While we’re at it, let’s ensure that business travel never returns to its former excesses. Most of the time, there’s no reason to take one-day trips across the globe. Regular business meetings can be done more efficiently virtually, complemented by in-person contact only once in a while. –Forbes

Given the choice between an option between the market-responsive change that helped USA improve their emissions without coercive government control, and a heavy club to punish the non-compliant, the climate zealots will always opt for the club…

Even when there’s a way to facilitate the desired environmental goal without infringing on anyone’s quality of life.

But strangely, the quality of life of any celebrities, inventors, or activists pushing these agendas never seems to suffer. Go figure.

Hollywood, Al Gore, Barack Obama, and the British Royals were unavailable for comment.

It gives some weight to the accusations that these are ‘watermelon’ environmentalists in name only… green on the outside, but Soviet Red on the inside, doesn’t it?

Maybe looking to people like AOC or Greta Thunberg for ultimate guidance was a mistake.

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