Epic New ‘Warrior Poet’ Art Brings Braveheart To Your Living Room

Written by Doug Giles on December 22, 2020

If life imitates art, then hello freedom fighter! My monster Warrior Poet prints are now available and they’re pure defiant gold. These behemoths shown here are 44×88” long. Great for the man cave or the war room. If you don’t have that kind of wall space, never fear, we have everything from small to large to fit your lair and budget. First time customers get 20% off and FREE shipping. Here’s the quote that goes with this painting.

‘In the year of our Lord, 1314,
patriots of Scotland,
starving and outnumbered,
charged the fields of Bannockburn.
They fought like warrior poets.
They fought like Scotsmen.
And won their freedom.’

Behold the Warrior Poet:

It’ll look great in your living room.

It’s perfect for the office.

And it’s a fantastic way to inspire the wee ones to greatness.

Get your copy today.