IS THIS EVEN LEGAL: Ilhan Omar’s Latest Scandal Has Her Hubby Raking In HEAPS Of COVID Money

Written by Wes Walker on December 8, 2020

The next time AOC whines that ‘politicians’ have been shafting workers out of COVID relief, let’s remind her which party’s special interests have been the chokepoint.

With the election out of the way, Nancy has stopped pointing her bony finger at Trump and has tried to turn an accusation about Trump’s malfeasance into a brag about her own political awesomeness. When you’re a Liberal, you get to have such things both ways. Pelosi Now Supports COVID Relief That She Blocked During Election — Here’s Why

But a Michigan businessman made a stir on national headlines when he took over a TV interview, tearing a strip off of politicians who used trillions of dollars in COVID dollars to fund special interests when that very same money could have paid every family 20K to stay home for a couple of months and let the virus ‘settle down’.

There are small businesses that to this day haven’t gotten a red cent from the government, despite being forbidden by their own government to open their doors and earn a living.

Meanwhile, you have stories like Planned Parenthood cashing in — or, in this case, Ilhan Omar’s latest husband. How convenient that people with deep political connections never seem to miss a chance at feasting from that government trough, eh?

Ilhan Omar’s husband received $635,000 in Covid-19 bailout money for his consulting firm, despite the congresswoman paying his company nearly $2.25 million this year, according to a new report.

Tim Mynett’s E Street Group was given $134,800 in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and an additional $500,000 in Economic Injury Disaster loans (EIDL) in April, records show.

Mynett co-owns the Washington D.C. firm, which has also been paid $2,256,700 since the start of 2020 from Omar’s campaign for services that include digital advertising, fundraising consulting and website production, campaign records show. revealed that Omar married the political consultant back in March, which sparked scrutiny and a complaint to the Federal Election Commission by a conservative group that alleged campaign funds paid for Mynett’s personal travel.

…Omar’s campaign was big business for E Street Group, reportedly paying the firm more than $1.1 million for advertising and consulting in the third quarter of this year alone.

The raw figures includes regular monthly payments of $67,000, broken down as $50,000 for ‘digital advertising,’ $12,000 for ‘fundraising consulting’ and $5,000 for ‘digital consulting.’

The revelation raised eyebrows among some who accused the congresswoman – who is frequently a target of criticism from Republicans – of potential conflict of interest.

‘Omar’s campaign chest is looking more and more like a dowry,’ Peter Flaherty, the head of a group which filed a complaint with the FEC over Omar’s spending, told back in April.

‘Most candidates for federal office keep a close eye on their vendors to make sure they aren’t being overcharged, but with her being married to her chief fundraiser the incentive may be the other way round as the money spent is going directly to the family.

‘Basically, her campaign finance disclosures read more like a wedding registry where friends can make gifts to the happy couple,’ added Flaherty, chairman of the conservative National Legal and Policy Center. –DailyMail

Contrast this to how Ivanka was hauled in for questions as a potential criminal investigation over the pricing of an inauguration party in which Ivanka had even issued a guidance email using the words ‘fair market price’.

If you think this is a rare or isolated occurrence, you probably aren’t familiar with the money Mad Maxine Waters’s daughter rakes in for ‘helping’ her campaign. Or some of the perks associated with being a relative of Joe Biden, for that matter.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for someone to dig into the serious allegations of criminality in large-scale voter fraud that involves her own inner circle and supporters.

Project Veritas: Ilhan Omar Cash-For-Votes Ballot Harvesting Scheme

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