WATCH: Young Woman Has A Message Our Hapless Leaders Should Tattoo To Their Foreheads

Written by Wes Walker on December 8, 2020

Has the ‘preparing for the last war’ syndrome caught almost all of our leaders flat-footed?

Trump was ahead of his time when he recognized China as an enormous international threat — the rest of the world is just beginning to wake from its slumber and consider whether they might have been misreading their ‘friend’ all along.

He also recognized another threat that he took a beating for bringing up, one that is almost synonymous with his Presidency.

He never considered himself to be running against Joe Biden, so much as against the combined strength of the media. Having seen their malfeasance, then and since, he makes a strong case.

They’ve not even tried to be impartial either in their open hostility to Trump or their bootlicking instincts and circle-the-wagons defense of Biden.

If there were any doubt, the latest Project Veritas leaks have helped dispel them.

While so many others have a very specific understanding of what conflict looks like, whether between nations or even in strife within a nation, this young woman is engaging with the reality that blood-on-the-streets is no longer the only conflict point in which a modern nation like ours might be vulnerable to attack.

She puts in plain language a risk few of us have contemplated, and fewer still have discussed.

Is it possible that we might find ourselves in a battle that has none of the usual benchmarks of conflict?

Worse still, is it conceivable that the early stages of one could have already begun?

If so, is it a fight we’re can truly say we are even prepared for?

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