SASSY: Michigan Witness Has Perfect Response To Skeptical Question In Vote Fraud Hearings

Written by Wes Walker on December 4, 2020

There have been some impressive witnesses called to hearings from a few of these battleground states. But one spirited witness, in particular, has captured the public imagination.

The testimony came from Melissa Carone, an IT professional and contractor working on the machines during the election.

As you might expect, the Left is already looking for ways to discredit her, mocking this or that aspect of her delivery, making wild accusations about her sounding drunk, etcetera.

We’re all used to the standard Democrat ‘attack the person to destroy the message’ tactic by now, and they’ve used it just like any other time.

The woman opened her testimony by pointing to the fact that she holds two degrees, is a mom with kids at home, filed an affidavit with something like 21 specific violations she has observed and is acutely conscious of the fact that she is exposed to the penalties of perjury if she were to invent allegations at the hearing.

Much of her testimony was pretty even-keel, and we mentioned it in a recent story (here). One moment and one exchange, in particular, has excited the public imagination — friend and foe alike.

This is that moment.

After giving her testimony about batches of ballots being processed multiple times, the Lex Luthor doppelganger challenged her testimony, asking why it was not matching up with something else in the records.

She knows what she saw, and pushed right back at him, ending with a mic-drop kind of a question.

Fans found her amazing, while critics painted her as kind of flaky.

What do our readers think of the exchange?

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