SEND MONEY: Hunter Email Gives Best Wishes To Chinese Tycoon…From Entire Biden Family

Written by Wes Walker on December 17, 2020

If this were sent by Don Junior, the press would be losing their mind. But their dishonesty is underscored by how completely disinterested they are when it’s a Democrat.

Had the Media and Tech giants not thrown a cone of silence over the Hunter Biden laptop story we wouldn’t be talking about how Hunter Biden is a walking, talking treat to national security — simply by being related to a would-be President.

There’s a reason we call him Quid-Pro-Joe.

And we’ve just added one more data point to the list of damning evidence against the whole Biden Crime syndicate.

It’s an email from Hunter, TO a Chinese energy tycoon tied in to the CCP, giving best wishes from the entire Biden family and asking for money.

$10 Million dollars, to be specific.

If you are wondering whose Trojan horse Joe Biden REALLY is, this might be a clue to your answer.

President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden sent Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianming ‘best wishes from the entire Biden family’ and asked for $10 million ‘quickly,’ an email released by his business partner shows.

The June 18, 2017 email was among the trove of documents newly released by former Biden family confidante Tony Bobulinski, who was copied on the email, the New York Post reported on Wednesday.

Biden sent the email to introduce Ye to Bobulinski, who had been tapped to be the public face of their nebulous new venture SinoHawk Holdings, and request an injection of cash from Ye, then the chairman of CEFC China Energy.

‘Dear Chairman Ye: I hope my letter finds you well. I regret missing you on your last visit to the United States. Please accept the best wishes from the entire Biden family as well as my partners,’ Hunter Biden wrote in a letter attached to the email, which he asked Ye’s assistant Zhao Runlong to translate for the energy boss.

The revelation follows confirmation that the Justice Department is probing Hunter Biden’s taxes and foreign affairs, including Chinese dealings, and amid mounting calls for a special counsel, most recently from Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican.

…’As you know since our last meeting we have concluded the establishment of SinoHawk Holdings and I look forward to introducing you to Mr. Tony Bobulinski,’ he wrote.

‘He is a very close friend of James Gilliar and the Biden family and joined our team to focus on the execution of things as a partner,’ the letter continued.

‘He will act as the CEO of SinoHawk Holdings. He has invested capital all over the world for some of the world’s wealthiest families,’ he went on, before asking Ye to send a ‘$10 MM USD wire.’

‘I would appreciate if you will send that quickly so we can properly fund and operate Sinohawk. I hope that you are satisfied with the introductions made in Oman and the progress made,’ he went on. –DailyWire

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