Woke Activists Dis Helen Keller For Her ‘Privilege’ — Yes, THAT Helen Keller

Written by Wes Walker on December 18, 2020

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Not so long ago, Helen Keller was hailed as a hero who overcame staggering adversity most of us couldn’t even begin to grasp — now she’s just another evil white person destined for erasure.

She was blind, deaf, and only learned how to speak later in life. And yet she overcame it all — not just to take ownership of her own life, but to become an advocate for others.

After college, Helen continued to share her story and began working to improve the lives of others with disabilities, even testifying before Congress in an effort to advocate for the blind. She also began fighting for women’s rights, becoming active in the women’s suffrage movement.

Helen’s celebrity continued to grow, which gave her an even bigger platform for her activism. In 1915, she co-founded Helen Keller International to fight causes of blindness, like malnutrition, and help those living without sight. Helen Keller International remains active to this day, leading the fight against blindness worldwide. Five years later, she co-founded The American Civil Liberties Union (the ACLU), which also remains a hugely important organization in the US today.

In addition to founding her own organisations, Helen also worked with the American Foundation of Overseas Blind, for whom she served as the counselor of international relations. As part of her work with the foundation, Helen travelled the world, giving speeches that inspired people and raised awareness. In the eleven years she spent in this position, she completed trips to 35 countries. She even undertook a 5-month, 40,000-mile trip across Asia when she was 75 years old. Everywhere she went, Helen challenged perceptions of the disabled and showed people just how much she was capable of. –HeroineCollective

She also supported the NAACP.

You would think that the left would owe her a debt of gratitude for these accomplishments. But no.

The left has very little capacity for gratitude… not when there’s an opportunity to denounce and ‘erase’ from history someone who doesn’t fit neatly within their narratives.

Her sin was one she literally couldn’t even see — she’s white.

“As a mother to a child with a disability, this is extremely offensive. Helen Keller dedicated her life to advocating for those with disabilities and illness. To suddenly cancel her now because of her skin color is not only outrageous, it’s racist,” the executive director of the Senate Conservatives Fund, Mary Vought, told the Washington Examiner.

The Time piece, titled “Co-Founding the ACLU, Fighting for Labor Rights and Other Helen Keller Accomplishments Students Don’t Learn in School,” highlighted the lack of focus in education on the achievements of people with disabilities.

The portion of the Time story that drew ire reads: “However, to some Black disability rights activists, like Anita Cameron, Helen Keller is not radical at all, ‘just another, despite disabilities, privileged white person,’ and yet another example of history telling the story of privileged white Americans.” –WashingtonExaminer

We’re becoming a culture that criticizes a genuine badass to appease a mob of candy-asses. What the hell is going on out there?

Our values need a reset. Like this one:

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