Dear Anti-Trump Christians: Are You Cool With Censorship?

Written by Doug Giles on January 21, 2021

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So, somebody told you that ‘good Christians’ stay out of the political fray, did they? You didn’t actually BUY the crap they’re selling, didja?

Too many Christians have played duck-and-cover waiting for the political winds to shift back into their direction while wondering why the country keeps circling the toilet a little faster each day.

Do you think — oh, I don’t know — there might be a connection there, Dinky?

Have you noticed how many Nicer-than-Christ believers have been joining team ‘OrangeManBad’ because of the billionaire’s ‘Mean Tweets’ and rougher-than-grandma’s breath language while willfully turning a blind eye to the oh-so genteel baby-killing, race-baiting, totalitarian corruption of the other party who will gladly stab you in the back, but grin politely at you while they’re doing it?

You think that maybe that’s not the greatest strategy?

How has standing silent as your rights slip away worked out for you so far? Do you see a ‘freer, fairer society’ at the end of this socialist rainbow?

No? I didn’t think so. Now here’s an idea so crazy it could work. Are you ready, little Christian?

Maybe, just MAYBE, it’s time for the Church to go ahead and do something about it, instead of

1) complaining about it
2) praying for someone ELSE to ride to your rescue.

Did we all wake up to the fact by now that it matters what those pulling the levers of power think about Constitutional rights? About whether we really DO have the right to speech, assembly, worship, and self-defense?

Good. Let’s start acting like it.

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