LMAO: YouTube Comedian Explains ‘What Leftists Think About Free Speech’ (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 11, 2021

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Isn’t it great to be relieved of that terrible burden of free speech?

Forget all about what that old icon of the left, Noam Chomsky, said about restricting free speech being ‘fascistic’ or that even Goebbels and Stalin both supported political speech they agree with, clearly he wasn’t as ‘woke’ and clear a thinker as this new crop of cultural iconclasts!

‘Viva La Revolution’, whatever that means, eh? Robespierre, Che, and Lenin are the thought leaders we so desperately need for today, amiright?

How could you possibly think otherwise, with all the glee you see the left cheering on the silencing of conservatives everywhere?

Satire channel AwakenWithJP has a little fun with the joys of having that burden of free speech lifted from us — and all that messy thinking that goes with it.

It really IS like having someone mowing your lawn for you, isn’t it?

Thanks, Democrat and Big Tech censors, for rescuing us from being a free-thinking people!

Maybe you can choose our career tracks for us, next!

Hell, why not?

You’ve already relieved us of so much of that tedious responsiblity of choosing our own leaders, now isn’t that right?

But you’re only doing it for our own good, of course. Because SOME people can’t be trusted with such freedoms as ‘self-determination’, or ‘self-rule’.

There’s a long, hard slog ahead of us, including a serious fight over what ideas we will embrace as a culture. America’s patriots are going to need a fresh crop of leaders who are tired of distant strangers micro-managing our lives.

How do we develop such leaders? Part of the solution is studying the lives of great men and women who stepped up in their own context and shone as lights in the darkness.

Want a good place to start that journey? We’ve got you covered. What better place to start than some biblical badasses. In this case, it’s the ladies showing us how to ‘rock in a hard place’.

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