The First 3 Decisions Of Biden’s Presidency Will Tell Us If He REALLY Wants Unity

Written by Wes Walker on January 11, 2021

If you boiled down the worst instincts of the political left into two words, they would be ‘cancel culture’… which brings Biden to a fork in the road.

For months, Biden has been positioning himself — literally — as the ‘soul’ of the nation. The moral compass in a world gone mad. Use whatever metaphor you like, if you boiled it down to cowboy flick terminology, he wears the white hat, while the political right wears the black hats.

First, the problem. (And it’s a big one.)

The Democrats have created a powderkeg situation, and how Biden reacts to it will either resolve it, or make it worse.

Now, the nation is roiling in unresolved conflict. The are genuine unresolved objections to the voting process. It’s a broken process the dangers of which observers — including yours truly — have been waving red flags about for literally years now. Witnesses came forward with affidavits. Serious Constitutional questions were raised. Trump got more votes in November than any successful candidate for President in history before 2020 has ever had… and nobody anywhere has voiced concerns that ANY of his votes have been illegally cast.

But we have a system where vote after vote in the primaries of this same calendar year ran into issues of missing ballots, of misprints, of computer errors, of issues with mail delivery — of both malicious and mistaken kinds — in an election where 300 legal cases were fought by team Biden to DIMINISH voter security in the first presidential election after which Democrats themselves alleged for four long years that Putin somehow got Trump elected.

And the very first instincts the Democrats have, after getting their ambitious little mitts on power is a very human, but VERY un-American impulse: Punish their enemies.

Conveniently, only days after Democrats take power, their allies in Big Tech began executing the end game Clintonista David Brock’s of the Media Matters War Plan. Purge conservative voices from the internet.

Using lawyer-speak, this is not censorship, or a violation of the First Amendment though. Because the technology companies freely chose to progressively purge Republicans from any and all internet access unless they cooperate with the explicit terms of the Media Matters blueprint of Political Progressivism.

No, it’s something else. This is explicitly and systematically suppressing lawful political speech that contradicts the personal biases of powerful, wealthy, and politically-connected elites.

To understand why this is so dangerous, and why having big-dollar donors in Blue-state coastal cities work their asses off to flip an election in Georgia not because those two candidates represented the local interests of Georgia, but because that win would facilitate the political advantage of those coastal elites is a problem, we need to remind ourselves what an election really is.

An election is the built-in release valve that ensures the accountability of local leaders to local constituents. But that release valve is only as stable as the trust those people have in that system.

People like Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and Adam Schiff have been undermining that trust for years. Individual cases like Al Franken’s dirty win, and politicians — usually Democrats, but not always — getting caught and sometimes charged with rigging the system aggravate that distrust.

We need that system of trust for a reason that should be obvious, but isn’t.

Unless you count San Marino’s multiple documents going back to the 1600s, America stands alone in the world with a Constitution that has not needed replacing in well over 200 years. The next oldest Constitution after that dates to 1814. Only 9 countries in the entire world have a Constitution written before 1900.

The world is a volatile place, with lots of change. Wars happen. Rebellions and uprisings happen all over the world. But America has stood for more than 230 years, through some really tough times.

Free and fair elections are the reason for that. Feeling like you have a genuine shot to replace the people who make decisions on your behalf, having the right to petition your government, and hold them to account if they do things to which you object — involvement in an unwise war, for instance, or instances of political corruption — are the release valve.

But if the people are silenced, if they feel like they are obligated to obey government demands for things like taxes, and objectional laws, yet see a system that has been captured by a single political party, and that government’s powerful media and technological allies serve to silence political objection, organizing, or lawful protest, that undermines that system.

Furthermore, if the ability to appeal to the existing process — including launching legal cases and launching formal Congressional challenges to the electors, in accordance to the provisions of the Constitution exactly as Democrats have done to every Republican president since 1985 — you are signaling that the American public in Red States has found themselves in a position of having, in effect, taxation without representation.

The fact that Democrats are already looking to punish their political enemies not only through silencing them, or actively seeking to make them unemployable in private life only makes the public distrust the bureaucratic state as self-serving and out of touch all the more.

The solution (Biden Holds The Key)

What Joe Biden does as his first political act will set the tone for the direction we go from here. Will we spiral down an endless game of political one-upsmanship where one party systematically sets out to destroy the other until the public becomes certain that the only remaining option is a literal civil war?

Look back at the casualty list from the last time America walked down that road and ask yourselves how many of your friends, relatives, and children you are willing to throw into that meat grinder if there’s a better way.

Joe Biden, whose personal character and personal integrity this website has openly questioned for a very long time, has an opportunity to do the right thing.

Will he? We’re not holding our breath, but if he really IS the President of ALL Americans as he has claimed to be, there are three choices he can make to prove it, and the first of them is the most critical of all.

Choice #1
As his first act in office, he should issue a Pardon to President Donald J. Trump… and possibly his family and inner circle as well.

Do not misunderstand my rationale.

This is not because Trump or his inner circle has done anything requiring a pardon. This is to put an end to the ceaseless investigations, allegations, and attacks that Democrats will make unless and until they find some way to destroy him.

Guilt isn’t even a necessary ingredient to destroy someone in the courts — just ask General Flynn, or some of the others caught up in Crossfire Hurricane.

This will signal a stand-down order to people in his OWN party and will put Trump beyond the reach of many of these endless attacks.

It will also cut short the Impeachment Proceedings, which, if not stopped will ALMOST CERTAINLY be calling for Democrat heads the next time Republicans gain the power to retaliate… and whatever kangaroo court rules are used against Trump will be the very same ones leveled against Democrats.

Choice #2
Biden must publicly — and immediately — commit to far-reaching electoral reforms. This will only work if the public believes this is genuinely bipartisan, includes some Trump loyalists, and puts forward solutions like optical scanning. It might also be a good idea to have some kind of a separate analog system, analogous to a tamper-proof odometer, (with a sealed and notarized count that does NOT begin at zero) responsible for counting the total number of physical paper ballots so that you have a ceiling for what the total pool of votes at each voting center is to make ballot stuffing and digital malfeasance more difficult.

Those who have knowingly and intentionally violated election law need to be jailed… for years. We need to send a message to those who think they can game the system because the (D) after their name makes them untouchable. (You might want to begin by looking at some of the people who have already been outed for malfeasance, like those working for Ilhan Omar who seem to have been paying for ballots.)

Choice #3
Send a message that our political fights are battles are, at their root, about ideas, not Total War against people. Send a message that America’s cherished freedoms of expression, belief, religion are available to people of ANY political stripe, and that you are prepared to enact full legal protections for any political belief to be included among the protections already offered people based on their race, creed, sexuality or whatever.

We have already had 4 years of people being harassed, violently attacked, property destroyed, and in some cases shot at, over a simple red hat.

People have been Doxxed, homes have been vandalized by left-aligned violent activists, and violence is likely to escalate unless we begin to treat politically-motivated violence in the same category as racially motivated violence.

Biden claims to be the soul of the nation, and the President of All Americans.

Lincoln was able to keep the country united after a Civil War not because he escalated the tensions, but because he soothed them.

Will Biden choose the wise course, or will he joine Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and AOC in small minded and short-sighted triumphal humiliation of their bitter political enemies.

Choose wisely, Joe. The world is watching.

Joe has bragged for a long time about how tough he thinks he is. Real tough guys know how to do the right thing, even when the crowd demands the wrong thing. Just look at history’s best example.

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