BADASS: Gov. Ron DeSantis Contacts Olympic Committee Offers To Host 2021 Olympics If Tokyo Wimps Out Over COVID Fears

Written by Wes Walker on January 26, 2021

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What’s the difference between a leader and a mere ‘manager’? A leader can both recognize an opportunity and take the bold and necessary action to seize on it.

Florida is one of the STATES leading the pack in their COVID response. Their economy has been reopened for quite a while, they’ve passed the one-million mark for Vaccinated Senior citizens.

But their tourism sector is still suffering from the serious hit the whole world just took from the general panic and global emphasis on social distancing as a stopgap remedy.

Tokoyo was supposed to host the Olympics last year but — for obvious reasons — those plans were bumped back a year. Everything was supposed to proceed as normal THIS year, now that everything has returned to, well, normal.

Looking around, it’s pretty clear we’re not quite there yet. At least, not globally.

And for some obvious reasons, Tokyo is rumored to be getting cold feet about that whole ‘hosting the world’ issue.

One man’s obstacle is another man’s opportunity. In this case, De Santis sees a chance to give his own State’s economy the shot in the arm it so desperately needs… and turn the eyes of the entire world on what his state has to offer in the process.

With so much of the REST of the world shut down, it would be nearly impossible to even BUY that kind of a publicity win… the State that Saved The Olympics!

In response to reports that Japan has considered canceling the event because of the pandemic, Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis on Monday urged the International Olympic Committee to consider relocating the 2021 Summer Games from Tokyo to Florida.

“With media reports of leaders in Japan ‘privately’ concluding that they are too concerned about the pandemic for the 2021 Olympics to take place, there is still time to deploy a site selection team to Florida to meet with statewide and local officials on holding the Olympics in the Sunshine State,” Patronis wrote in a letter dated Monday to Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee. “I would welcome the opportunity to pitch Florida and help you make the right contacts to get this done.”

Patronis’s communications office shared the letter in a news release.

The 2021 Games, rescheduled from last year because of the pandemic, are still officially scheduled for July 23 to August 8 in Tokyo.

The Japanese government and the International Olympic Committee reportedly said Friday that they’re determined to conduct the Games as scheduled.

Yet in his letter, Patronis trumpeted Gov. Ron DeSantis’s open economic policies during the pandemic and pitched Florida as a state that has “successfully allowed sports to take place during the pandemic,” citing the NBA’s “bubble” format last season at Disney World in Orlando.

He touted that experiment as “an incredible model for how to run a complex organization in the midst of COVID-19.” He also highlighted Florida’s airports, hotel capacity, transportation networks, health care facilities, and university athletic complexes. —MyNews13

What do you think?

If Tokoyo gets cold feet, should Florida offer to host the 2021 Olympics?