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Even With Him Leaving, They Can’t Give Up Their Seething Hatred

The odyssey of Donald Trump’s formal entrance into politics will be the subject of study for years. It is a story of the most unusual presidential candidate ever, the story of the most controversial President ever, and the story of how he outmaneuvered his many enemies for five years, only to lose re-election to fraud and rigged ballot computers.

It is a story of remarkable achievement even in the face of unprecedented attacks and actual conspiracies to destroy him. The fact his critics rarely challenge his accomplishments helps explain why they prefer personal attacks, slander and hysterical accusations.

Just a few days before his term ends, Trump remains the Democrats’ favorite whipping post. Their fanaticism goads them to violate law and precedent, hoping to derail him forever. They are apparently unaware of karma, or, they believe they’re exempt.

In the midst of the smoke and mirrors and charges and gnashing of teeth, Democrats believe they will succeed where they’ve failed before. Think of the many charges, accusations, investigations, the first impeachment, the daily bombardment of condemnation, and all the efforts to eviscerate the man.

It is an outright miracle he is still standing.

Enraged by their many failures, Democrats call 75 million Trump voters ‘domestic terrorists’ and in this they commit political suicide even as they display once again their irrational and seething hatred. They also reveal their fear of the man. They saw one million Trump supporters in D.C. last week. They see the polling. They know Biden is a huge liability. They know Trump won the election. And they realize to survive they will have to lock down the entire country, even if it means suspending the Constitution to make way for their vision of utopia: a dictatorship.

Democrats can only prevail if they continue to rely on corruption, but that very corruption will be their undoing in the end. They trade short-term gains instead of investing in long-term well being, focusing on self-interest, not what is best for the country.

Meanwhile, last week, a riot at the Capitol, sparked by radicals having nothing or little to do with America First, is the latest Democrat excuse to impeach the President, a man Gallup says is the most admired individual in the country.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.