Tech Giant Threatens Free Speech Social Media Alternative… Conform Or Else!

Written by Wes Walker on January 9, 2021

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The Purge is hitting high gear. The digital black-balling of Trump (and some of his supporters) has officially begun. Valuable digital assets have begun falling away, one after another.

From the beginning, defenders of Big Tech’s monopolies have had a common refrain. If you don’t like their rules, just build your own platform.

The left is busy showing just how far they will go — collude, even — to prevent that from happening.

For example, Parler is a relative newcomer in the Social media ecosystem, with exactly the kind of business model those defenders of Big Tech monopolies would have told us to build.

The rules are pretty simple. In essence, if it’s something you could lawfully say in person in Times Square, it’s something you can publish on their site.

It’s intended as a place where you can speak freely and have the intense disagreements that make a vigorously free-speech-centered society strong and adaptable in the first place.

Problem solved, right?


It’s not enough to invent your own platform. You will have to invent your own internet, and your own cellular devices, too… or ELSE.

After Google announced it was banning Parler, an alternative social media network, from its app store for inciting violence in Washington, CEO John Matze late Friday said the ban was “a horrible way to handle this.”

“Guess they arnt [sic] really concerned about the ‘violence’ that is against our rules anyway,” Matze posted on Parler. “If they actually cared, they would try to help. Not dump the app and send a break up public statement. What a horrible way to handle this.”

He said Google didn’t send its full complaint to Parler.

Apple and Google were both seeking updates to Parler’s moderation policies. Google banned it on Friday, while Apple was waiting 24 hours for updates.

Favored by alt-right and conservative voices, the app surged to the top of App Store download lists in recent months, as Twitter and Facebook pushed back against harsh rhetoric by banning and suspending accounts. As of Saturday morning, more than 92,000 Parler posts used the hashtag #twexit. The company says it’s in favor of completely free speech. —BusinessInsider

Here’s a little more detail about Apple’s position.

Also Friday, Apple warned Parler, which styles itself as a “free speech” alternative to Twitter or Facebook, that the app faces a ban from the App Store within 24 hours if it didn’t remove content that “encourages illegal activity.” Parler was the No. 1 trending app in Apple’s App Store as of Saturday morning in the news category. — Variety

There are still ways for Android phone users to download an app without using Google Play, but not everyone knows how, and it’s a deliberate barrier to entry. For Apple, on the other hand, if an app is banned, you can’t download it at all.

Parler, ironically, could never successfully comply with Apple’s demands for the simple reason that, unlike China, Google, and Facebook, Parler is not a data-mining platform. It is nothing more than a meeting place.

It will surprise exactly nobody that elected leftist politicians like AOC are among those leading the charge in pressuring tech to silence speech with which they disagree.

So much for that oath to defend the Constitution. We have elected officials working with complicit companies to silence their political opposition, not through government opposition, but by political favor-trading.

Now might be a good time for us to take another look at just how many members of Biden’s administration just ‘happen’ to come from Big Tech companies.

Funny how these same corporate giants didn’t have any trouble at all cooperating with China’s systematic suppression of Hong Kong, or the Uyghur slave labor that is alleged to be making some of, for example, Apple’s components.


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