That Awkward Moment When Uyghur-Hating China Parrots Democrat Talking Points

Written by Wes Walker on January 8, 2021

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If your words and ideas can be repackaged to defend Communist Chinese Concentration Camps, then maybe it’s time to rethink your slogans and ideas.

In case it wasn’t already bad enough for Bernie Bro supporters to have been warmly praising the notion of gulags and the ‘re-education’ of their political rivals, now Democrat talking points are being used to support Communist concentration camps, and ethnogenocial policies.

THIS is actual propaganda, as sent by reps from the Communist Chinese party…

Does any of that language sound familiar? It should. Any combination of those same platitudes could have rolled off the tongue of Nancy Pelosi, Don Lemon, or your typical boilerplate woke college prof.

This is the Chinese government that so many of our media ‘betters’ have been too gutless, feckless, or craven to call out for fear of losing revenue.

The more important takeaway is what China Daily’s report tells us about the Chinese Communist Party. Namely, its fanatical dedication to dominating not just thoughts but very existences. The newspaper observes how the “Xinjiang Development Research Center said extremism had incited people to resist family planning and its eradication had given Uighur women more autonomy when deciding whether to have children.” As a response to reporting on the Communist Party’s ethnocidal policy in Xinjiang, we’re supposed to read China Daily and think, “Ah, Xi is actually a father figure to the Uighurs.” But while China Daily insists contraception is voluntary in Xinjiang, it also stipulates “that all [Xinjiang] ethnic groups should implement a unified family planning policy allowing couples in urban areas to have two children, and those in rural areas three.” The article is subsumed with restricted population growth and that this allows Uighur women to lead more productive lives.

Of course, Xi’s conception of a more productive life is rather different than our own.

As applied to the Uighur peoples of Xinjiang, a productive life entails near slave-like labor in cotton fields and factories. The impetus behind Communist Party policy in Xinjiang is not to empower women to decide what size family they have. It is to deter them from having families at all. Though Beijing doesn’t normally say so openly (it occasionally slips up), it believes that Uighur values are fundamentally incompatible with the party’s values. In turn, Beijing believes Uighurs are best dealt with as rodents in Western cities are dealt with. Which is to say, with policies that constrain population growth and mitigate risks to the broader health of the city. Or, in this case, the broader ambitions of the party. –WashingtonExaminer

China’s approach to reducing their ‘problem’ of Uhgyrs perfectly parallels Chicago’s official approach to dealing with their enormous rat crisis: control the problem by limiting procreation.

You need look no further than how aggressively the left has been pushing their ‘cancel culture’ agenda against their political rivals to see that they and Xi share the same authoritarian instincts.

Cloaking animosity and malevolence in pretty, politically-correct words does nothing to diminish the evil intent that drives the Chinese Communists or Democrats with enemies lists.

While we’re on the topic of those ‘re-education’ camps…

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