WATCH: President Biden Won’t Speak Out Against China’s Genocide And Other Abuses Because Those Are ‘Cultural Differences’

Written by Wes Walker on February 17, 2021

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Joe Biden man can spout absolute garbage, defending the absolutely indefensible and yet, his fangirl press will STILL absolutely eat it up. Here’s proof.

If the 45th President of the United States had suggested there were a moral defense of China’s Muslim concentration camps, the Media would have rained such a denunciation of Trump and China down from the heavens that even Disney, Amazon, and the NBA would think about cutting ties with China.

But this is quid-pro-Joe, whose son Hunter still has some very lucrative business interests (read: leverage) in China.

Joe’s own Secretary of State publicly agreed with Pompeo’s statement that China is committing a Genocide against their Muslim minority population. By that we mean Chinese authorities have been filmed shaving Ughyurs bald and loading them into railcars on their way to such unpleasant fates as reeducation camps and forced sterilization.

In his most extreme rebuke of Beijing as secretary of state, Mike Pompeo said on January 19 that “we are witnessing the systematic attempt to destroy Uighurs by the Chinese party-state” in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang.

Later that day Blinken said he agreed with Pompeo’s designation, and on Wednesday — one day after being sworn in as the new secretary of state — he reiterated that support.

“My judgment remains that genocide was committed against – against the Uighurs and that – that hasn’t changed,” Blinken told a press conference, according to a State Department transcript. –BusinessInsider

What does Biden have to say about the genocide, or about China picking up where other totalitarians like Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot have left off? (Oh, and let’s not forget Mao!)

He’s not getting too bent out of shape over it. This is lunchbucket Joe, after all.

He is so very cultured that he is giving us all an explanation about why it’s not really a genocide when Xi does it.

If it were some European guy sterilizing Muslims and locking them up by the hundreds of thousands (possibly millions), perhaps even using them as involuntary organ donors or other unspeakable atrocities, that would definitely be evil. It would be loudly denounced as Islamophobic.

‘Literally Hiter’ kind of stuff.

Joe, however, knows better than to see things on such a superficial level as that. To reprise a line from Nixon, when China does it, that means it’s not a genocide.

Rest easy, folks. Nothing to see here.

Any fears we may have had of Quid Pro Joe being soft on China because of blackmail, or leverage against his son, or his own financial self-interest are clearly put to rest now that we’re seeing the hard line he is taking against each and every one of China’s missteps.

Like, uh…

And then there is the time he…

Aw, crap.

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