CAPITOL DEFENSE: That National Guard Bill Is Coming Due — Here’s The Damage

Written by Wes Walker on February 9, 2021

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After the dubious decision of refusing to authorize ANY augmented security for the January 6th rally, DC was turned into a ‘Green Zone’. And it hasn’t come cheap.

Many are asking what circumstances can possibly justify having had more troops in DC than were sent over for the ‘surge’ in Iraq. Even now, thousands stand ready to defend against… some unnamed threat that our civilian law enforcement would normally provide a response to.

While Democrats love to make their various comparisons to Hitler’s Germany, others of us have wondered if this doesn’t have more of a Caesar-crossing-the-Rubicon feel to it, committing the Roman Republic’s taboo of militarizing the Capitol, which is viewed as the hinge point in history indicating the fall of the Republic, and the rise of an Empire run by a hereditary line of Autocrats in its stead. A de facto one-party state, if you will.

Is that security is justified, or is it there for specific propaganda purposes until after the show trial has been wrapped up? That is a matter of some debate.

Whether the justification is real or only imagined, the bill is coming due.

The Pentagon estimated Monday that it will cost American taxpayers $483 million to have National Guard troops protecting the Capitol through March 15.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby estimated the cost at $284 million for personnel and $199 million for operations.

The National Guard troops are staying in place through former President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, which starts on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

An 8-foot tall fence encircles the U.S. government’s traditionally open heart topped with barbed wire.

National Guard troops can be seen guarding the perimeter. — DailyMail

Speaking of Julius Caesar, March 15th, for those taking note of the historical irony, happens to be the Ides of March. Do you suppose Schumer and company will have this show trial wrapped up by then?

So, we’ve got an 8-foot tall fence encircling the Capitol and manned by thousands of trained security professionals to stem the threat of an unwanted flow of unauthorized people in a zone where outsiders are not permitted.

And yet, one of Joe Biden’s first priorities was to cancel the building of the Border Wall?

Interesting how when it’s their PERSONAL safety on the line, they will spare no expense. But the safety of some rancher in Arizona or Texas, the safety of some trafficked young lady (or boy), or US citizens dying of fentanyl smuggled over that Southern border, it’s not much of a priority at all.

Biden’s administration is already burning through money like it’s going out of style. This only serves to make it worse.

A ‘show of strength’ is one thing. And then there’s whatever the hell this was.

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