COVID VACCINE: Biden Admin Snubs Canada, Accidentally Exposes Socialized Medicine’s Fatal Flaw

Written by Wes Walker on February 9, 2021

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Tell the starry-eyed young socialists you may know to pay attention. It’s easier to learn from the mistakes of others than to pay the price yourself.

Declaring something a ‘right’ is the easy part. Making good on that promise is where it gets tricky.

Just ask, for example, anyone who lived in Soviet countries about breadlines and the promise of food. Closer to home, you might ask the good citizens of Flint Michigan about their right to safe drinking water.

The usual suspects in the ‘hate America First’ crowd like dunking on American health care, and have no end of complaints against it. But their romanticized notions about the ‘other guy’ are way off. Canada, for instance.

The Bernie Sanders devotees LOVE pointing to Canada as some sort of a medical utopia, where all your medical needs are taken care of. In reality, Canada’s inability to deliver on that promise is masked by controlled access to services. The medical equivalent of breadlines.

The latest example of that? folks in Canada will have to wait just a little longer for the long-awaited vaccination from that viral little gift from Wuhan Province.

Canada is coming to America cap-in-hand for help. Is it somehow ‘racist’ for Biden to follow through on Trump’s plan to prioritize the needs of Americans first? Or is that proper stewardship of his resources?

President Joe Biden plans to uphold the U.S. policy of guaranteeing that Americans will be inoculated first before the country shares its shots, despite requests for co-operation from Canada.

A Pfizer plant in Michigan was supposed to help supply vaccines to Canada. But an exclusivity deal with the U.S. government guarantees that all of its American-made doses will stay in the country until Washington’s orders are filled. Moderna has a similar arrangement regarding its plant in New Hampshire. –GlobeAndMail

It’s easy to forget, sometimes, that Canada isn’t just America’s Hat, it’s also a G7 Nation. Canada has been happy to ride the coat-tails of America for national defense and even health care. It’s a dirty little secret that many Canadians come to American hospitals for treatments that Canadian hospitals either cannot or will not cover.

In a time when everyone is scrambling for scarce resources — like a certain vaccine — the fact that Canada hasn’t any domestic production facilities has bitten them in the caboose.

The Canadian journalist continued his lament:

We were late to learn the lesson that we’re on our own for vaccines

Now we know why we need a vaccine industry in Canada

The White House’s continuing vaccine protectionism means Ottawa cannot look to the U.S. for help as it struggles to inoculate Canadians – despite the accession of a more Canada-friendly administration in Washington

…Mr. Biden also has not overturned a Dec. 8 executive order by former president Donald Trump that confirmed the promise in the Pfizer and Moderna contracts to fill U.S. contracts before exporting doses.

…In November, Pfizer told The Globe and Mail that Canada would receive doses from the Michigan plant. But in January, the company said those plans had changed. On Thursday, Pfizer said it would continue supplying Canada solely from Belgium. —GlobeAndMail

Biden would love to take credit for the progress, but even Canada’s left-wing press knows where the credit really belongs. It must have near killed them to say it. Operation Warp Speed.

Both companies are headquartered in the United States and the Trump administration plowed billions into the development of the Moderna vaccine through Operation Warp Speed. The U.S. is spending up to $5.29-billion for the development and purchase of 200 million doses from Moderna. On Pfizer, the U.S. spent about $24.80 a dose. Canada has not released any information about how much it is paying. —GlobeAndMail

The difference in the rollout between the two countries is staggering. The number of doses we’ve done so far are nearly enough to have covered each Canadian twice.

The U.S. has distributed nearly 60 million shots, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control. This is 50 times the number distributed in Canada, which has a population roughly one-tenth that of the U.S. –GlobeAndMail

What accounts for the difference? America is a nation rich in a variety of resources — capital, skilled workers, research capability, production.

And despite everything our media told us for the past year, a competent team within the government was able to bring our various strengths together, clear away the red tape, navigate the complexities of coordinating the conflicting cultures of government and private sector efforts, and bringing us through the impossibly complex series of steps from ‘problem’ to ‘problem solved’ in less than a year through an under-appreciated process dubbed ‘Operation Warp Speed’.

Biden may not recognize the accomplishments, but the Canadian press does. And they envy us for it.

Once more, louder for those in the back. Canadians envy American vaccine production. They’re stuck waiting for everyone else’s leftovers. Where are Canadians at in the process of getting their own off the ground?

Jay Kaufman, an epidemiologist at McGill University, pointed to the U.S.’s numerous advantages on vaccines: extensive manufacturing within its borders, the world’s wealthiest economy and the investment in Moderna’s development efforts. “Given all of these structural and political factors, I can’t see that Canada has a lot of leverage here,” he said.

Still, Prabhat Jha, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, contended that Canada could have begun building vaccine production capacity early in the pandemic. He also said Ottawa could have streamlined its process for approving new vaccines to quickly give Canada more options. Canada, for instance, has still not approved AstraZeneca’s vaccine. “The Canadian government shot itself a bit in the foot,” he said. –GlobeAndMail

Our Northern neighbo(u)rs are left waiting for that little prick in their arm, because of bad decisions made by the one they elected.

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