HILARIOUS: Livid Chick Rips Into Bros For Following Her Until They Tell Her Why (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on February 25, 2021

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She sounds mad. Had she sense enough to figure out what they were up to, she’d have a very different reaction to them.

What happens when you are used to being the center of the universe and live in a culture where young guys, especially white ones, are the wellspring of all that is wrong in the world today?

For one thing, you jump to the wrong conclusions.

These two guys were driving behind a young female motorist. Apparently, they had been behind her long enough for her to figure out that it wasn’t mere coincidence that they were behind her. Maybe they followed her through a couple of turns or something. Who knows?

Anywho, the ‘Karen’ in this story decided she’d had enough, and confronted them.

Loudly. Publicly. She asked no questions, she launched right into a scolding lecture about what she was going to do about them following her.

When she finally let them get a word in edgewise, they were able to give her key detail in this story that she was oblivious to. . . which was by no means the only thing she was oblivious to . . .

There was a problem with her car.

It was the kind of problem that makes her rant — and the fact that she didn’t SEE it while she was marching to tell of the bros that followed her — seem like an extra-special kind of stupid.

She drove off with the gas pump still in her car. If you pay attention to the audio right to the end, you’ll catch the OTHER thing she missed as she drives off again.

Hey lady, in case you missed the memo, there is no law prohibiting thinking and driving.

The moral of this story? Arrogance and ignorance are a bad combo, kids!

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