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WATCH: Joe Biden Takes Interview About Immigration Policy — Jill Jumps In To Rescue Him

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How do you suppose the media would have pounced on this story had Melania jumped in on a Trump interview about national policy? But with Jill — crickets.

Can someone explain this? Is Joe going to be a spectator in his own administration?

If Joe Biden was such a damned fine specimen of a candidate in 2020 that Obama looks like Walter Mondale by comparison, why would he need his FLOTUS to pinch-hit on policy questions for him?

Joe is finally being asked questions about the messy implications of his haphazard open-border immigration policies. When Jill decided the answer her husband gave was inadequate, she channeled her inner Edith Wilson and jumped to his rescue.

In case the video gets taken down, it says:

Reporter: In the five weeks you have been in office, you have taken many actions to reverse (revert?) Trump’s anti-immigration policies. But today the Washington Post reports that your administration has plans to open tents at Del Rio, a town close to the border. Can you confirm that?

JOE: Right now there’s thousands of unaccompanied children coming across the border. In Texas, they opened up one. One that was a former, uh, one used, in the administration, in the last administration. Our hope and expectation is that won’t stay open very long and we will provide for every kid who comes across the border safely to be housed in a facility that’s licenced.

JILL: And this administration is doing it in a humane way, and that’s really important. We want to make sure that these children are safe, that they get mental health services, they get physical health services, they get education.

Jill tries to imply that children held in these facilities during Trump’s time in office were mistreated. Prove it. AOC tried, and even her weird accusation of ‘drinking from toilets’ allegation was shown to be outrage as ginned-up as the photo-ops of her crying outside of an empty parking lot.

Did Joe just admit that thousands of unaccompanied children are coming across the border? How can he equate that to safety? The act of coming to America IS what is tearing them from their families. Would it not be more humane to remain with their family than to come here as orphans, making a dangerous border crossing in which many die exposed to exposure, natural hazards, drowning, and all the rest?

Does he really suppose these thousands of children coming of their own initiative?

Are they being exploited by Coyotes for a variety of nefarious reasons? Do they arrive indebted to criminal organizations with an expectation to repay them however they can? How many of them are physically or sexually abused, or robbed along the way?

The surge in crossings is a direct result of Biden’s policies. How are any of these kids ‘safe’ in coming here illegally in ways that waiting patiently on the other side of the border with their relatives and NO interactions with Coyotes would NOT be?

Also, note how carefully Joe is avoiding any mention of President Trump by name. How terrified of Trump and his ongoing political influence must Biden be that he dare not even speak his name . . . like he’s Voldemort or something.

Obama never missed a chance to mention Dubya. Because everything was his fault, even 8 years later. Not so much with Joe.

Final observation — he tried to Orange Man Bad his way out of this, but notice even HE had to indirectly admit that the one being used in Texas is one that Trump had CLOSED. It was decommissioned, once the problem of border surge had been resolved.

Under Joe, the border surge is back because it’s been incentivized.

Who built the cages, Joe?

And who’s almost certain to build a helluva lot more between now and 2022? (Same answer.)

She may be the left’s idea of a ‘strong female leader’. But for us? We’d rather take these examples any day of the week…

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