Rep. Byron Donalds Puts Pretentious Washington Fakery On BLAST (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 2, 2021

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If this 3 minutes of press conference messaging is anything to go by, this guy is going to be an absolute TERROR to the politically-correct establishment types.

Are you tired of play-it-safe politicians who have nothing to say but the official party talking points and desperately avoid anything controversial? Then you’re going to enjoy hearing the freshman Florida’s 19th just sent to Washington.

More than that, he’s dropping truth bombs about the government’s Covid reponse that most news outlets wouldn’t report even if they knew about it.

Like the amount of money from previous bills that remains unspent. Or why Biden, Harris and Pelosi wearing their masks in public should prompt questions.

And quite a few other ‘radioactive’ ideas that would never be touched by the regular press get packed into a tight message of less than 3 minutes. And it all flowed so seamlessly and ‘innocently’ from ‘I left my mask in my office’.

His use of ‘left’ there is tantalizingly ambiguous. With the apology to the media, it sounds like it might have been a mistake. But as he continues, he leaves the listener room to wonder if the ‘left’ part was more of an intentional act of rebellion to unreasonable and unscientific demands of social conformity.

He knows how to engage an audience. (He does eventually answer the question. But kudos for him in knowing how to use the moment turn a potential early political ‘loss’ into a strong win.)

Because it’s important in our Capitol that we start talking about things that are real and not the things that are fake. You see, I already had COVID-19. The attending physician in this very Capitol gave me the antibody test last week. I still have them. I’m not spreading to anyone. I forgot my mask.

The reality is if you have antibodies you’re actually ok. The other reality is that the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States and the Speaker of the House have all been inoculated. They have the vaccine. But they still wear their masks anyway.

The reason they do this is because Washington is accustomed to Fan Dances. Washington is accustomed to doing fake things that don’t matter.

What the media will never tell you is last year, 4.1 TRILLION dollars was appropriated to battle not only Coronavirus but to get our economy back on track. A Trillion dollars of that money still has not been spent. And in this bill that we’re about to vote on in a couple of hours, only $500 Billion goes to either COVID 19 or money to help the American people. That’s it.

One point five trillion is waste. One point five trillion is going to Bridges in New York or Tunnels in California, things that have nothing to do with the Coronavirus.

One other thing I want to point out is that some of our Democrat colleagues on the other side of the aisle? They know it’s wasteful too. But the reason why you’re going to see them vote for this bill? It’s because they don’t want to have to run for reelection without the support of Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC.

You see? That’s real. That’s what’s actually happening up here in Capitol Hill. And my hope was that the Times and the Post and everybody else in the Mainstream media actually report those facts.

You see, the American people are being taken advantage of in the nation’s capital. They will tell us that 70% of the American People support this bill. but if you actually talk to Americans in their everyday life, and you tell them that 1.5 Trillion dollars will never see their business, never see their pocketbooks, never go to address COVID-19 …? THEY would never support a bill like that.

That is why myself, and the Freshmen members of the Republican Conference are not going to support this bill either. It is time we speak truth in the nation’s capital, it is time we get real in the nation’s capital, and not support radical wasteful and fake relief bills like this one tonight.