WATCH: Peter Doocy’s Questions To Jen Psaki Explain Why He Was Snubbed At The Presidential Presser

Written by K. Walker on March 26, 2021

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The rookie White House Correspondent for Fox News continues to be a thorn in the side of the Biden-Harris administration…even when he isn’t called on.

Peter Doocy asks tough questions and although the White House Press Secretary often attempts to spin her way out of them, she does take his questions.

Even Joe Biden has responded to Doocy’s questions that are often yelled as the President is leaving and has already taken questions from his prepared list of friendly journos.

But there was a deliberate snub of the cable news network with the highest viewership at Biden’s first presser on Thursday.

Peter Doocy, the new White House Correspondent for Fox News, confronted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the snub and asked if it was “official administration policy” to exclude Fox News.

He also asked about Joe Biden’s 180 on the filibuster between 2005 when he was a Senator and now that he is President.

Psaki’s answer was just awful! But then, how do you answer that when the President’s change of heart is clearly a partisan power-grab? She gets the big bucks to figure that out, and it’s pretty clear that she’s not doing a great job earning her paycheck.

I think we can all see why Doocy wasn’t called on during Sleepy Joe’s sleepy “de-Presser.”

Later, Doocy spoke to his predecessor, former Fox News White House Correspondent John Roberts and anchor Sandra Smith about the situation.

“Fox ended up getting a lot of soundbites from the president, because when he was done with that list, he would linger around and see what I was going to shout about,” he told John Roberts and Sandra Smith. “That’s great. But yesterday, again, is one of these situations where somebody on the staff or a lot of people on the staff come up with a list, give it to him, and if he just decides to stick to the list, then we are left out, and that is what happened yesterday.”

He said there’s a “notable… pattern” from the campaign to now that at official events, “Fox, which is part of a five-network TV pool… has never been on the list, and we’re the only ones that are part of that five-network pool that have never been on the list.

Source: Mediaite

Doocy added, “We’re not asking for anything special, but we also don’t want to be singled out. And if that is the case, then it would be nice if they could tell us on camera, on the record. That’s kind of what we were getting at.”

Shutting out Fox News is not just a bad idea, it’s a sharp contrast to the previous administration. Former President Trump constantly took questions from hostile reporters — even Jim “Look At Me!” Acosta, the belligerent glory-boy from CNN who is under the impression that he’s Sam Donaldson 2.0.

The Biden-Harris administration completely bungled this one. By not calling on Doocy, they have made the avoidance of Fox News a bigger story than the message that they were attempting to send, which is that Joe Biden is completely capable of handling the press conference on his own without having his hand held. (Although, there seems to have been quite a bit of preparation for a one-hour presser scheduled nine days in advance and a fair bit of hand-holding behind the scenes.)

But the corporate media won’t have the ultra-polite Peter Doocy’s back the way that they came out in force to defend Acosta after he had his press pass revoked for his aggressive and boorish behavior when a young White House aide was trying to take away the microphone.

The corporate media is incestuous and awful.

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