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WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki Dodges Question Comparing Treatment Of Border Crossers To National Guard (VIDEO)

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The Biden Administration has treated illegal border crossers better than the National Guard troops stationed in Washington, D.C.

On Monday, NewsMax’s Emerald Robinson pressed White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the difference in treatment of National Guard Troops and people crossing the border illegally in the midst of a pandemic. She asked why the Biden Administration was quick to pay $86 million for hotel rooms for people crossing the border illegally while they wait to be processed but had thousands of National Guard troops sleeping on a floor in a garage.

ROBINSON: So also, you are opening up new facilities. One of the options that was being reported over the weekend is spending $86 million on hotel rooms for some migrants and feeding them. How do you square that with the National Guard troops who were sleeping in parking garages. And, you know, some of them got sick from having contaminated food. That’s a disparity that a lot of people are pointing out — that our National Guard was treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms.

PSAKI: Well, first let me say, um, that at the time when we became aware of the conditions — National Guard troops were, um, in…in parking garages as you noted, uh, the President called the head of the National Guard that day and offered his assistance, offered to, uh, play any role that he could play. Boosting morale, asking for more aid, making sure they had — uh, were treated the way that they deserved for the incredible role they’ve played. So, uh, I know that was some time ago, but that was the reaction that he took at the time.

Psaki then moved on to the next question without addressing the question posed to her at all.

Watch the brutal exchange:

It’s the job of the Press Secretary to spin the responses to the advantage of the administration while simultaneously making them eloquent sound-bites as well as evading questions and changing the subject in a way that makes it look like that hasn’t been done. On both counts, Jen Psaki is astoundingly bad at her job. But then, look at who her boss is. He’s not any better.

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-NY) made a very interesting point on NewsMax on Tuesday — it’s not just the National Guard troops that are being treated badly, taxpayers are being mistreated as well.

She’s not wrong.

But it goes even further than that.

As Tucker Carlson noted on his show on Monday night, we are also in the midst of a growing problem of homelessness in our own country. This includes a startling number of veterans and young families.

It’s shameful that we’re ignoring the suffering of Americans in favor of people crossing the border illegally.

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