Biden Launches Initiative To Address Anti-Asian Violence . . . Gets CRITICAL Detail Wrong

Written by Wes Walker on April 1, 2021

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Before solving a problem, you must first understand it. That bit of wisdom is lost on our new woke overlords, so confident they can shoehorn reality into whatever narrative they create.

To the guy with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. And the unifying principle of the left’s latest narrative is everything they hate is the fault of ‘white supremacy’.

So, it should surprise exactly nobody that Biden’s solution to the uptick in violence targeting Asian Americans was to introduce new initiatives to address — you guessed it — racism. And the solution is ALWAYS more government intervention.

“Across our nation, an outpouring of grief and outrage continues at the horrific violence and xenophobia perpetrated against Asian American communities, especially Asian American women and girls,” the White House said in a statement.

“As President Biden said during his first prime time address, anti-Asian violence and xenophobia is wrong, it’s un-American, and it must stop.”

The White House said Biden will appoint a permanent director to lead coordination of policies across the federal government — a request made by many community advocates. — NPR

For anyone who interested, following the link will bring you to a bullet-point listing of some of his proposals.

Anyone who grasps the Critical Race Theory philosophy Team Biden has embraced will not be at all surprised that the unspoken assumption in his initiative is that the root problem behind this violence is racism. And any CRT enthusiast will tell you that since only oppressors with a position of power can be racists, guess who plays the role of the unnamed violent bigots in his initiative? If you guessed some evil white guy (who probably voted for Trump), you’d be right.

What’s wrong with that assertion?

In an actual scientific study, the math doesn’t work.

Wilfred Reilly, assistant professor at Kentucky State University, collected publicly available information on about 100 attacks on Asians reported in the media in the past 14 months or so.

“I don’t think any of them have turned out to be the work of a kind of white racialist, like someone affiliated with an actively prejudiced group, or even a Proud Boy in a street fight, something like that,” he told The Epoch Times in a phone call, referring to the right-wing group that has engaged in street fights with members of the anarcho-communist Antifa network.

Reilly characterized the attackers on Asians as “diverse urban goons, mostly black,” though that doesn’t mean at least some of the perpetrators weren’t biased against Asians.

The suspect was identified as black in over 60 percent of the cases. Another more than 25 percent were white, he said. Black people comprise about 13 percent of the population. White people about 60 percent.

“None of the whites seem to be racists,” Reilly said, referring to what could be gleaned from their background, such as their “online association with any racial or radical group.” Similarly to the black suspects, the whites fitted a profile of an “urban thug,” he said.

“People are looking for easy scapegoats,” he said, and “white supremacy” fits that bill. –EpochTimes

Don’t just take the professor’s word for it, we’ve all seen viral videos like this one…

To say that finding a solution for white supremacists will magically make the problem of crime go away is beyond simplistic. It’s objectively stupid.

Worse than that, by habitually demonizing a group of people who don’t share much in common other than their skin color, you are increasing the chance that people will start to group by ethnicity and view the groups who have been demonizing them with suspicion or even hostility.

It’s called a ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’. Look it up.

And when you’re done, maybe we could all rethink this CRT madness and go back to the MLK model of embracing people based on the content of their character.