GEORGE FLOYD: Steven Crowder Lights Internet On Fire By Testing Key Evidence … On Himself! (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 8, 2021

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What else did we expect from the guy who had himself waterboarded on live tv to test the claim that waterboarding was ‘inhuman torture’?

Steven Crowder isn’t any stranger to controversy, especially when that controversy acts as a lightning rod to bring attention to a topic he is trying to bring to the fore in the public’s attention, or throw shade at leftist talking points.

He did it with the waterboarding question.

He once did a live stream where he handed out hot chocolate at the Shia Labeouf ‘he will not divide us’ anti-Trump political art piece exhibit that was supposed to run 4 years, but got shut down almost immediately.

Crowder has dressed in all kinds of crazy getups to ‘get his story’. And because he’s damned good at what he does, he has made his share of enemies along the way, who are desperate — DESPERATE — to silence him for good.

Do you suppose it has something to do with having more viewers on youtube than CNN has for its shows?

With Derek Chauvin on trial for the death of George Floyd — and the left taking as gospel truth both that the cop is guilty of murder, and that the alleged murder was motivated by racism — the left naturally bristle when any heretic comes along challenging their religious convictions.

What Steven Crowder did was pretty simple. Do his best to recreate the events under which Chauvin had been restraining George Floyd, and let us know what that did to his breathing.

Obviously, Crowder would be the first to admit it was by no means a scientific or dispositive examination of the events, but it could still be informative to the rest of us.

After all, the question isn’t whether George died while in police custody. That part is known. He did.

The real question is did he die because Chauvin was subduing him? That subtle distinction will mean the difference between conviction and acquittal.

Is it a ‘stunt’? Of course.

Is it a stunt that is intended to make people consider the evidence in the case instead of just blindly believing the accusations? Yep. It’s also that.

But it is also meaningful. Real full body weight is applied to his back, shoulders, and legs, in a way that roughly approximates what would have been experienced by George Floyd.

Photos were even provided as references. When a shift in position makes the downward pressure on Crowder diminshed, he says so, and adjusts to raise it again.

We’ve cued his show up to the lead-up just before the actual test. You can judge for yourself.

Oh, Youtube censored or ‘age restricted’ it? Of course they did.

This video will give you a sense of what he was doing.

The reactions were entirely predictable. And predictably vile.

They were mostly variations on this theme.

And calling him a bigot.
And demanding he be canceled… etc, etc.

You know, their default responses.

But it seems to have had the desired effect, making people discuss the actual implications of bodyweight NOT being the only fact under consideration in this case. After all, Steven survived the full 9 and a half minutes.

If you’re wondering why any of this matters? Here’s a clue.

The fact that last summer was spent burning the country down over this issue reminds us what the stakes are in getting this right.

But it isn’t just about getting this right anymore, is it? (If it ever was.)

His guilt has been decided by the same people who burned the country down last summer. And if they don’t get their pound of flesh…? It’s gonna get ugly.

The only way to step back from the edge of that cliff is to understand that our system was designed to assume the innocence of the accused and that jurors, not the public, are called upon to make that determination, for good or for ill.

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