WATCH: Minnesota Resident UNLOADS On CNN Anchor With F-Bomb-Laced Rant Against The Media Making Protests Worse

Written by Wes Walker on April 13, 2021

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Guys like this are what can turn live TV into an absolute wildcard. There was no opportunity to cut away or edit before he had his say.

This guy is tired of the news people playing games for ratings. The national news media here is not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

That accusation should make sense to most of us, shouldn’t it? Remember Fredo Cuomo’s bonehead question, wondering where it says that protests need to be peaceful, not long after another TV talking head stood in front of a burning building and called it ‘mostly peaceful’?

What about when CNN tried to tell us how CHAZ/CHOP was a re-do of the Summer of Love? (Did people die at Woodstock, too?)

Well, with riots again in full swing in Minneapolis, CNN showed up on the scene. Their reporter Sara Sidner met a passerby on the street and was greeted with open contempt.

See for yourself.

When he refused to even give a name to be greeted by, you know this is going to go sideways. But this was live and cherry-picking conversations could have made them look bad.

So the camera kept rolling.

They must have regretted that decision almost instantly.

Of course it makes it worse.

The more we see news cameras on the acts of violence, the more we see people set on out-doing each other to be the featured mayhem on the news. And then the violence becomes the story.

But that’s not even the biggest part of the story what the media REALLY does to make it worse. That would be the same thing Bongino called Geraldo out for. LMAO: Bongino Ragdolls Geraldo For Dropping BLM Talking Points On TV (VIDEO)

Which is to say, the media’s role in stoking the racial divisions, suspicions, misgivings, and racial scapegoating has NOT been doing the world any favors.

It’s reporting the excitement, not the substance.

In a time when we all need to step back and wait for the facts to roll in, CNN is doing the opposite.

This story is less than two days old, and we pretend to know enough to have an opinion on it?

A mob can know enough to be outraged, but reasonable people take a little longer to be informed.

Sadly, there are people making millions of dollars — and gaining political power — in keeping certain segments of our society in a permanent slow boil.

And who pays the bill when that rage boils over? Not the politicians. Not the press. Not the Marxist activists enjoying the good life in the safety of their multiple mansions.

Nope. It’s the working stiffs, maybe parents, maybe students, maybe semi-retired and just trying to get by in the rough neighborhoods who wake up one morning only to find out that the store they work in has been looted or burned to the ground.

That doesn’t cost the race hustler teaching us to hate each other even one thin dime. It only hurts the little guy.

We are being turned against each other in the name of ‘compasion’.

And when the narrative takes over, the actual facts and the issues no longer matter.