As Ceasefire Is Called In Israel, Acts Of Jew-Hatred Continue In America

Written by Wes Walker on May 21, 2021

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Maybe The Squad can take a break from looking for White Supremacy lurking behind every bush and take an interest in the attacks targeting Jews.

It seems almost uncanny, doesn’t it, how often the people loudly denounced by activists on the left wind up the targets of vicious personal assaults?

Israel, who was just targeted by several thousand rockets raining down on their population centers, killing some citizens despite the bomb shelters scattered in every neighborhood, has been denounced by American politicians for counter-punching their terrorist attackers.

Forget that their attackers were Hamas, identified by our own government as a ‘foreign terrorist organization’, and whose founding charter either did or does include explicit intent of eradicating Israel both as a nation and as a people. Forget that the armaments were supplied by Iran, whose population under the current regime is regularly seen chanting ‘death to Israel’ and ‘death to America’.

For the Democrats aligned with the radical left, there was no question who the bad guys in this conflict were. Israel.

Ideas, as they say have consequences.

While the conflict was drawing to a close in Israel, conflict here in America was just heating up. People who shared that view of Israel vented their rage on strangers who had literally nothing to do with the situation, half a world away.

It got ugly.

And personal.

Actual explosives were set off…

Places of worship were attacked.

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