DELUSIONAL: Don Lemon Says He’s Not Political And The Democratic Party Is The Only Party ‘Operating In Reality’

Written by K. Walker on May 21, 2021

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Either Don Lemon has zero self-awareness or he’s a liar. Or both.

CNN’s Don Lemon appeared on the network’s daytime program, New Day, and weighed in on the state of Washington politics.

He said that because not all Republicans are self-flagellating Liz Cheney-types who will side with Democrats in a partisan “1/6 Commission” witch-hunt against anyone with an “R” after their name who may have once played a trump card in Euchre. It’s just another BlueAnon attempt to smear Republicans for a riot that went sideways and has been thoroughly investigated for almost 6 months now.

It’s Muller Report 2.0 that Democrats and the Corporate Media sycophants like Don Lemon will repeat endlessly from now until the end of time.

And Useful Idiots like Lemon are happy to do it because they’re all in with the Democrats.

He just doesn’t want to admit it.

So, during the daytime CNN programming, he tries to convince both viewers that he’s “not a political person,” and that the only people who have any grasp on reality whatsoever are Democrats. He says that the Republican Party is “obsolete” and “not operating in logic.”

Well, if that’s all true, then I’m the Queen of England!

Brace yourself for the stupid.

Don Lemon says that he’s not a “political person” and that he’s a “journalist”?!

He might’ve gotten away with the lie that he isn’t political since his ratings are pretty much in the toilet, but he got a little greedy trying to suggest that he’s a “journalist.”

Lemon is about as much a journalist as Sean Hannity — they both comment on the news from their own perspective and biases. The difference is that Sean Hannity calls himself a political “commentator” but Don Lemon calls himself a “journalist.”

Check out this video of Lemon interviewing Joe Biden. This is not a hard-hitting, holding-his-feet-to-the-fire interview, it’s a promotional video.

Note at the very end Biden says, “thanks, pal,” and shakes Lemon’s hand (after coughing and sticking his finger in his ear because Biden is disgusting.)

Lemon let Biden say that there wasn’t even a single, solitary scandal during the Obama administration.

No real journalist would let him get away with that crap, especially after Spygate!

Don Lemon is an absolute joke, and if he had a hint of self-awareness he’d realize it.


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