Biden’s DHS Nominee Refuses To Answer Sen. Hawley On Whether Illegal Entry Into The U.S. Should Remain A Crime (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on May 29, 2021

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Many people on the left don’t seem to see the border crisis the same way as those on the right see the border crisis.

That seems to be the case with Biden’s nominee to become the Deputy Director for the Department of Homeland Security, John Tien.

The Democrats in Washington constantly say that they aren’t for “open borders” policies, but continue to support policies that essentially make do just that. At the very least allow for a “porous border.”

The left claims that we all need to be compassionate about cartels making billions of dollars through smuggling desperate people who want “a better life” illegally crossing into the United States.

Their concern isn’t enforcing the laws on the books as it is “processing” people coming into the U.S., releasing them into the interior, and giving them a date to show up in court to determine whether or not they can legally stay. It’s bizarre. We don’t handle other crimes like that.

Some on the left have advocated for decriminalizing the act of crossing the border illegally — not at a lawful point of entry and without a visa or identification. It’s an extreme open borders position.

On Friday, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) repeatedly asked John Tien, Biden’s nominee for Deputy DHS secretary if he believed that crossing the border should remain a crime. Tien evaded the question by saying that if he is confirmed, he would “enforce our nation’s laws” but would also review “all of the different elements” to detemine “what options are on the table” — including decriminalizing illegal entry into the U.S.

Well, what does that tell you? He’s refusing to commit to saying that the thinks that illegal border crossings should remain illegal. He’s seemingly open to “open borders.”

The Biden-Harris administration has completely bungled the situation at the southern border, and it’s because they did a 180 on what was working under the Trump administration and switched back to allowing people into the country illegally and incentivizing sending children on the perilous journey with cartels who abandon them at the border. How is that “humanitarian”?!

President Trump’s tough handling of the illegal crossings at the southern border like the “Remain in Mexico” policy irked many bleeding-heart Dems who would rather allow people to find their way into the country slowly during the pandemic and have thousands more “kids in cages” than actually disincentivize illegal border crossing.

It’d be interesting to see if they would change their tune on illegal border crossings if “refugees” started flooding into Montana from Canada’s version of Texas because the oil jobs were being killed by Trudeau and the other elite envirnomentalists in the Davos crowd rather than Central Americans that tend to vote left. Somehow, it seems unlikely that they’d be as supportive of the low-taxes, small-government, get government out of my way Canucks. Just like how the left’s position on accepting the results of an election have flipped over 4 years, they’d oppose illegal border crossing if a bunch of Alberta conservaties started making a run for the border in their cowboy hats.

It’d be an intersting question to ask


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