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BLM Co-Founder, Patrisse Cullors, Is Officially On Her Way Out — Here’s The 411

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“Trained Marxist” and BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors will be parting ways with the cultural movement she helped build.

The official explanation is that she is moving on to other projects, and this has nothing to do with some of the recent scandals that have arisen against her.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors is stepping down from her role as executive director of the activist group’s central foundation amid questions about her finances.

Cullors, 37, told the Associated Press on Thursday that she was leaving the position to focus on other projects, including the release of her second book and a television deal with Warner Bros. She held the top post at Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation for more than five years.

The activist said she had created “the necessary bones and foundation” at the organization and felt the “time is right” to leave. She asserted that her exit was planned for more than a year and was unrelated to scrutiny regarding her personal finances. — Yahoo

She says her leaving has nothing to do with the bad press she has been getting recently. Could that be true? Sure.

Unfortunately, that is exactly the answer she would give to the public whether it was true or not, so that answer on its face tells us very little.

Legal Insurrection has offered their observations on her departure:

However, recent controversies may have had more to do with the organizational reshuffling. Cullors, who famously referred to herself as a trained Marxist, has come under fire in 2021 over reports of her fiscal mismanagement of BLMGNF, including using her paid position as executive director to hire a consulting firm she happens to own. Of course, any criticism of Cullors is met with charges of racism and white supremacy. Samantha Mandeles reported for Legal Insurrection last month:

Still, Cullors has dismissed much of this criticism as a distraction, engineered by the right-wing, from the quest to end “white supremacy”; she recently posted a statement on Instagram in which she condemned an unspecified article about her collection of luxury homes as “false and defamatory”, an example of “doxxing”, and a well-worn “tactic of terror” often dispatched against “Black activists”.

…Contrary to Cullors’ claims, the criticism and questions didn’t originate exclusively from conservatives. Again from LI’s Mandeles:

Years of financial opacity and the recent controversies have reportedly pushed other Black Lives Matter leaders to call for an investigation into the inner workings of Cullors’ behemoth umbrella group, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. Moreover, at least 10 state and local chapters of the organization have publicly split off from the larger group, and published scathing critiques of Cullors. One such critique accuses the BLMGNF of “stealing money from stolen lives”. —LegalInsurrection

Neither of those scandals have anything to do with the news stories about the extravagant spending she has been outed for.

For all the wealth amassed by her group, and all the political heft her activism has been able to leverage to make Democrats and Corporations dance to their tune, we can’t help but notice their selective outrage when Black Lives are actually threatened.

For example, one of their own leaders was shot in the face this week. If it was politically motivated, it would be all we are talking about. But it wasn’t. So … The Shooting Of BLM’s Sasha Johnson, And Why The Press Is Quietly Moving On

Wes Walker

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