WATCH: Chris Rufo Rejects Marc Lamont Hill’s Premise On CRT And ‘Whiteness’ — Hill Gets BIG MAD

Written by K. Walker on May 26, 2021

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Marc Lamont Hill went into this particular battle of ideas unarmed.

Christopher Rufo, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institue and City Journal editor who has been tirelessly exposing the fraud of teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools appeared on Marc Lamont Hill’s show on the Black News Channel (BNC) on Tuesday. Hill wanted to discuss Rufo’s criticism of CRT being taught in schools.

Early in the interview, Rufo said that when CRT is being taught in school it’s not being taught as a theory with criticism of it as a theory, but the ideas themselves are being taught as fact. Those CRT ideas are racist because they categorize and then judge people based on their race rather than viewing them as individuals. It is a theory based on reductionistic ideas that compel students to view history through a racial essentialist and racial supremacy lens — casting people as oppressors and oppressed based on their skin color. Hill disagrees and says that that’s not what CRT does and pushes the canard that CRT says that race is a “social construct” but then absurdly asks Rufo about the positive qualities of “whiteness.”

Hill says that there are many things that he likes about being black so he asks Rufo to list some of the positive things about being white.

Rufo rejects the premise that characteristics are based on race because that is, at its core, a racist premise.

Hill simply can’t comprehend that Rufo rejects “whiteness” as a category.

A recent poll by Pew Research shows that white people are less likely to see their race as a central part of their identity.

Most Americans say they are very familiar with their roots, but the strength of their attachment to them varies by race and Hispanic origin, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted to explore themes of self-identity ahead of last year’s U.S. decennial census. Black and Hispanic adults were more likely than White adults to say their origins are central to their identity and that they feel a strong connection to their family’s cultural roots.

…A majority of Hispanic and Black respondents, but not of Whites, said they feel a strong connection to their roots. And about half or more of Hispanic and Black respondents said their origin is central to their identity, but only about a quarter of Whites said so.
Source: Pew Research

Let’s remember that Marc Lamont Hill has said that black people are unable to be racist. He also said that anyone who voted for Trump is “just a racist who hasn’t come to terms with it yet.” He has asserted that “white supremacy” is “deeply embedded within our collective psyches and our social institutions” because there are not equal outcomes for all people of all races.

Hill is a leftist who holds the racist racial essentialist ideas taught in Critical Race Theory and is comfortable judging people on the color of their skin rather than on the content of their character.

Here is the full 25-minute discussion between Hill and Rufo:

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