Big Guy Goes WILD In A Walmart — Staffer Takes Him To Paintown (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 4, 2021

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Being big isn’t the same thing as being tough. And little guys can be surprisingly scrappy. The angry customer learned this the hard way.

A viral video opens with some big dude somewhere between the checkouts and the exit, with a full cart.

It’s not really clear what led to the confrontation, but the big guy slams his full cart into a much smaller employee, pinning him against a display. Big guy then seems to spit on him. Another employee grabs the guy who had been hit with the cart, holding him back while the big guy turns toward what looks like the exit.

(It is unclear whether or not the contents of the cart had been purchased.)

Little guy breaks free and charges the big guy, smoking him in the head with a single punch.

That’s all it took.

Lights out.

You can cue up all the cliches about judging a book by its cover, or picking a fight you can’t win. But our takeaway is that this employee wasn’t intimidated by a bully, no matter how big he was, and he wasn’t going to be a doormat to some jackwagon getting violent with him.

It’s one thing to make a moral judgment to turn the other cheek when a situation calls for it. But that’s a far cry from cowering from the bad guy just because you don’t think you could face him.

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