Dear Church – Mask Nazi, Lord Fauci, Was Full Of Crap

Written by Doug Giles on June 6, 2021

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Hey Church. How are we feeling about jumping through all of Fauci’s authoritarian hoops ‘for the greater good’ now that his emails have been made public?

We do not, of course, include any of the bold-as-lions types who dared their government to fine or arrest them for obeying God’s command to preach the gospel. You know who you are.

But even a nearsighted cyclops could see that leaves out a crowd of other churches who were perfectly content to bow the knee to government.

Does reading about Fauci’s documented duplicity about the mask mandates (and pretty well everything else) hit you like a kick in the groin from an agitated donkey?


While the rest of the world looks at their ‘resets’ and ‘new normals’ the American church can do a little recalibrating of its own. Get back to the basics, and live a life worthy of the legacy that’s been handed down to us.

Let’s take a look at what the First Century church did in a situation like ours.

For bonus points, I’ve thrown in some Thomas Jefferson quotes that would set the authoritarian left’s hair on fire.

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