EPIC: New Jersey Pageant Contestant’s Interview Questions Would Make The Framers Proud (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 22, 2021

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Justine Brook Murray is no ordinary beauty pageant contestant. She’s already got some serious political involvement under her belt — including some memories of time spent in the Trump White House.

She knows how to make the most of an opportunity to make a splash and get her message out. She may not have advanced, or even placed in the running at the pageant she was part of this year, but she left with her integrity intact, and she took her shot and got her message out.

There are two parts to the 90-second video, and she makes the most of it. The first part was where she answers a question. The second part is where she gives a brief speech.

Her response to the question about the ‘most important issue her generation is facing today’ was good. But the brief speech she gave after that was fantastic.

Her answer to the question is here, with the text of her speech to follow the video.:

Our generation is experiencing an epidemic of censorship and entitlement. And it’s because our professors and our celebrities are teaching students to be narcissists, to believe any of you that differs from their own is an existential threat. And this is what I experienced in my own campus with censorship to the point that people believe that speech is violence so that they can threaten other people with simply because they disagree with them.

The videos, both from her social media account…

And here is the video clip from Rumble, which will still be around even if she happens to get ‘canceled’.

Here is her ‘social impact pitch’…

Free speech. It is listed first under the Bill of Rights for a reason. Without it, all other liberties crumble. But today, we’re watching free speech get hammered to the ground by the very institutions that that are supposed to promote diversity of thought.

Lemme ask you something. Are you a student? Are you a teacher? Are you a professor? The mere words ‘I’m offended’ are now being used as an excuse to silence students, fire professors and cancel people simply because they do not toe the popular line of thought. And that’s what I experienced. An Orwellian phenomenon dominating my own campus to the point where it got borderline violent. But through the Miss America organization, I will promote Miss New Jersey AS Miss New Jersey by empowering the voices of young women who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and become a voice to be reckoned with.

A firey young chica like that making a case for the Bill of Rights? If that seems a little unexpected or out of place, it only takes a quick look at her social media, before it suddenly makes perfect sense.

It will take energy like that to push back the rot and entropy that has been laying hold of American institutions. But with energy like that in our youth, there is still reason to hold out hope for the nation’s future.

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