HARRIS 2022: Does Trudeau Have Insider Knowledge That Biden Won’t Finish His Term As President?

Written by Wes Walker on June 14, 2021

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Is Kamala cackling her way right into the Oval Office?

We’ve already noticed a departure from norms with the Biden/Harris co-presidency, together with Kamala meeting with heads of state that would normally have been expected to deal one-to-one with the guy in charge.

That, together with the lamb-like submission shown in how Joe defers to the authority and direction of his handlers, with phrases like ‘I’m going to be in trouble for…’ there have been serious questions about who is really running the show over there.

Did Canada’s pathetic PM just say the quiet part out loud?

Jack Posobiec has shown that he has some pretty solid insider sources. Unlike the ‘sources’ we see with the so-called mainstream media, his scoops tend to hold up. That said, our readers are smart enough to know any unnamed source must be taken with a proverbial ‘grain of salt’.

Which is more than the ‘legit’ media gave with any of the ‘unnamed sources’ breaking ‘bombshells’ that just happened to be defamatory of President Trump.

Here’s the claim Poso is making now:

The memes are already starting up:

It’s one of the things he was NOT dishonest about when asked. He’s an old guy, and might not be able to finish his term.

He chose for his running mate someone his party who was competing for the same job HE was running for, someone who was so unlikeable that even her own party gave up on her before Super Tuesday. But Joe had promised to pick his running mate based on skin color and genitalia, and she checked both boxes.

One wonders what might have happened had he had prioritized competency in some kind of leadership trait, instead.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda, the world will never know.

The big question is, if Prime Minister Blackface actually said what the source claims he did– was Trudeau blowing smoke, or was he spilling secrets?

Was Biden’s real secret that he wasn’t going to be a Trojan Horse for Socialist policy faking his way as a moderate, but a bigger one? Was he ultimately running as a Trojan Horse for an unelectable Socialist successor?

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