Should Pastors Publicly Repent For Obeying Fauci?

Written by Doug Giles on June 19, 2021

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How many sermons have been preached about the times Peter stuck both feet in his mouth or failed at the point of testing? And how many people who preached those sermons actually own a mirror?

We’re about to find out, aren’t we?

The mask is off, you could say, on all the ‘government guidance’ we’ve been given over this past Year of Fear. And the face behind it ain’t pretty. Oh, no. It’s not pretty at all.

Turns out the ‘trusted experts’ were playing a shell game all along. They knew things they pretended not to know. Some were shilling for China, others covering their own misdeeds and culpability. Some were making political hay, and others were just drunk on power.

With the help of the panic whipped up by complicit media stooges and big tech tyranny, we the sheeple let them get away with it.

It’s sad to say that far too many of those sheeple who unquestioningly bowed the knee to their government ‘betters’ were found among the leaders of Christ’s Church.

It was all ‘for the greater good’, though.

That was the reason given for putting the edicts of men above the command of God… because serving a ‘greater good’ has never been a candy coating for perverse evil before, has it?

Did we ever stop to ask what this ‘good’ was greater than? What are the trade-offs? And were they really worth it?

With the recent release of the emails, and knowing Fauci’s edicts have not been science but have been playing both sides all along, our ‘brave’ leaders have some soul searching to do, don’t they?

It’s easy to throw shade at Peter for cussing, running away, and denying Christ after a servant girl asks him if he was walking with Jesus. His story is tucked safely at arm’s length in the pages of history.

But how about leaders today running like scared rabbits, shutting down the coming together and worship of God for more than a year? Will they, like Peter, have to return to Jesus with tears of repentance, recommitting to the task at hand?

Before you say ‘no, COVID is different’, give the weekend edition a listen. (And be sure to share it with some church leaders you know who might need to contemplate how the church has handled the past year.)

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