These Fauci & Biden Shirts Are PERFECT For The Rebellious Patriot

Published on June 14, 2021

Are y’all tired of the Faucism we’ve been living under for the past year? Are you annoyed with the vacuous puppet taking up space behind the Resolute Desk? Well, have we got some shirts for you!

Let’s be real, this country made a terrible, terrible mistake in November 2020. We have a shuffling pile of mediocrity that needs “cards” created by staff to tell him what his agenda is before he appears in front of the heavily-vetted media.

Despite all the handling, Joe keeps screwing up. He’s just not as sharp as he used to be, and that’s pretty awful because he wasn’t all that sharp to begin with.

Maybe Dems are proud of voting for the guy, but he’s about as bright as a sack of mice.

Show them what they actually voted for with this “Simple Joe” white crew-neck shirt.

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While the left venerates Dr. Anthony Fauci as though he were a saint, we know the truth. He’s lied and flip-flopped from the very beginning of the pandemic, and despite being wrong on just about everything from masks to vaccines, he still won’t stop weighing in on what you need to do with your life.

It’s time to just say “No.”

“Not Today Fauci” v-neck t-shirt. 

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Or if you’d rather mock Joe with your cup o’ Joe, here’s the “Simple Joe” 11 oz mug.

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“Not Today Fauci” mug 11oz in black.

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“Not Today Fauci” mug 11oz in white.

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