WATCH: If You Missed Trump’s NC Speech, Catch The Video Here

Written by Wes Walker on June 7, 2021

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The left is busy writing Trump’s epitaph. But does he still have some political gas in the tank? Judge for yourself.

Their side is running plenty of stories telling their readers what they should think about Trump’s speech. Some of it might be right, some of it might be wrong, but all of it is filtered through personal biases.

When you have a long-form message in which a politician that got in trouble for the promises he KEPT more than the promises he broke, maybe it’s better to let him speak unfiltered and let the audience assess his words for themselves.

The full transcript was generated by a site called Rev (.com). That transcript is available there.

Here are a few sections of the speech that stood out to this writer, with some key phrased marked in bold.

Be sure to let us known in the comment section what sections of the speech stood out most to you.

The Biden administration seems to be putting America last. You look at these negotiations where so many bad things have happened. 48,000 jobs were lost by president Biden’s day one rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline. Why? For what reason did they do that?

And if you like the environment, the pipeline is much better than railroad tracks and it’s much better than trucking. It’s great. And they ended it on just about day one, 48,000 jobs, not 8,000. They said 8,000, it’s 48,000. Think of it. He rejected our pipeline, but he approved the Russian pipeline, which I had completely stopped going into Germany and all parts of Europe. So I stopped Russia and I have a very good relationship with President Putin, but there’s never been anybody as tough on Russia than I was. And you look at these horrible cyber attacks.

After we instituted these policies, the number of illegal aliens coming across our border declined by an astounding 91%. But under Joe Biden, illegal crossings are up nearly 1000% compared to the same period last year. They’re emptying their prisons. They’re sending murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers, and others just as bad to the United States. Let the United States take care of them. Remember it’s called America last. In April alone, over 175,000 illegal aliens were apprehended and mostly released.

That begins with standing up to Communist China. Last year, China inflicted an estimated $ 16 trillion of economic damage onto the United States with a virus that I call the China Virus because I want to be accurate, that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens. Look at the world. Look at what happened to the world. It’s not just us. It’s the world. … The media, the Democrats, and the so-called experts are now finally admitting what I first said 13 months ago. The evidence demonstrates that the virus originated in a Chinese government lab. Couldn’t say it. You couldn’t say it. Dr. Fauci, who I actually got along with, he’s a nice guy, he’s a great promoter. Not a great doctor, but he’s a hell of a promoter. He likes television more than politician in this room and they like television. But he’s been wrong on almost every issue and he was wrong on Wuhan and the lab also. Very wrong. We ended the payments. They were started in 2014 and then I can tell you Mark Meadows came in and I talked to him and he saw what I saw. I said, “What the hell’s going on? When did that start?” It started in 2014 and we ended it, our administration ended it.

The time has come for America and the world to demand reparations and accountability from the Communist Party of China. We should all declare within one unified voice that China must pay. They must pay. The United States should immediately take steps to phase in a firm 100% tariff on all goods made in China. You saw what was happening with our tariffs. In fact, the Democrats were fighting the tariffs, “Oh, we don’t…” Well, he hasn’t taken those tariffs off. He doesn’t want to. Billions and billions of dollars. 25% tariffs on China. Billions and billions of dollars is pouring in. Frankly, if you raise them, a lot of things would happen to China. I think they’d stop building their military. I think a lot of companies would move back to the United States. I’m not only talking about China. I’m talking about others.

If government-run schools are going to indoctrinate children with radical ideas, Republicans must immediately pass legislation to empower every parent in America to opt out of the insanity and send their child to the public private charter or religious school of their choice. The socialist Democrats quests for whatever it is they’re looking for, because nobody knows, I don’t even think they know, truly knows no bounds.

The slander that they cause, they slander our country, disparage our founding, divide our children. And as we’ve seen time and time again in recent years, the left is willing to weaponize the law itself to persecute their political opponents. There are people in this room that have been persecuted. In New York, radical left prosecutors are right now spending vast amounts of time and money threatening families and trying to destroy the lives of innocent people, really, really good people, in their crusade to inflict pain on me, the radical left movement in New York.

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