WATCH: Tearful Mother Says 12-Yr Old Ended Up In Wheelchair With Feeding Tube After Taking Part In Vaccine Trial

Written by Wes Walker on June 30, 2021

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Any good faith expectation of the public to ‘believe the science’ necessarily requires considering ALL the evidence, not just the cherry-picked parts that support the preferred thesis.

One Republican actually believes the science enough to act on that principle and he’s catching hell for it from the usual suspects on the left. It’s not ‘anti-vaxxers’ that have them so agitated. It’s the actual pro-vaccine hard-science scientists that had some unexpected serious consequences.

If the public discovers that certain inconvenient evidence has been suppressed, we have every right to doubt whether a project like this vaccine drive is being done in good faith. After all, it is OUR lives and OUR health that will be impacted for good or for ill by the choices we make.

The vaccines everyone has been getting are entirely new. They received only a provisional green light due to the urgency of finding a solution to the viral pandemic. It never underwent the usual gauntlet of trials new medical technology normally gets put through. It is only natural that we are going to learn more about it as we go.

It would be expected that some of what we learn would be good news, and some will not. Even something as simple as Aspirin has inherent risks. As one example, we have already seen some of this with the unexpected heart symptoms showing up in young males who had received the vaccine. We are in early days yet, it is only natural to expect more such discoveries to be made along the way.

Part of the reason even some ‘moderates’ have become distrustful of the vaccine is directly related to the suppression of any ill effects. The Lying Pervaricating Smurf, Little Lord Fauci didn’t make matters any better when he admitted on multiple occasions to telling the public things he didn’t believe were true because he thought they would push us to the behavior he wanted us to take.

The best solution to that dissembling is transparency. Give us reliable numbers on what can go wrong, how likely that outcome is (preferably in the context of other more familiar risk factors) and let us make adult decisions for ourselves.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is inviting those who have experienced serious medical complications to talk about them in front of Congress. He is getting slammed in the Corporate Media for holding this event.

Meet Maddie de Garay. She was a vaccine testing participant, a healthy 12-year-old. She now has a wheelchair and a feeding tube… with what can be best described as an uncertain prognosis for the future.

While the senator said on Monday the vast majority of vaccines have been safely administered, he added everyone should hear from people reporting serious problems.

He handed out documents based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which he says included 384,270 adverse events related to the COVID-19 vaccines, including 4,812 deaths. This database includes unverified reports from doctors and the public, which the CDC says may be “incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental, or unverifiable.”

Among those joining Sen. Johnson’s panel was Maddie de Garay, who volunteered for the Pfizer vaccine trial when she was 12 and now is in a wheelchair.

“Why is she not back to normal? She was totally fine before this. She did the right in trying to help everyone else and they’re not helping here,” said Stephanie de Garay, Maddie’s mother.

…Maddie’s mother said her daughter has been to the emergency room nine times – and she has been hospitalized three times. — Fox6News

Here is the longer version that included several other vaccine recipients who described serious medical complications.

Here are a few excerpts of what was said.

… I have tremors in my hands which has made me leary if I’ll ever be able to practice as a hygienist again. …

…I am recovering. I can walk, the touch of my little son’s hand no longer feels like it’s setting me on fire,” said Brianne Dressen. …

…severe neurological reactions, including muscle pain, numbness, weakness and paresthesia. …

For many people, the vaccine may be entirely harmless. But informed consent requires that when risks are known, they are shared with the patient before he or she signs that dotted line.

If it is true of surgery, it must surely be true of experimental vaccines.