Biden’s HHS Chief: ‘It’s Absolutely Our Business’ To Know Americans’ Vaccination Status (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on July 9, 2021

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How about….NO.

After failing to meet Joe’s stated goal of 70% of the population with one dose of a coronavirus vaccine by July 4, the COVIDictators ramped up their efforts to make sure everyone “gets the jab.”

They even trotted out Ol’ Senile Joe to mutter incomprehensibly make his appeal to the American people himself.

The Biden-Harris administration’s new plan to send teams of government employees door-to-door to ensure vaccine compliance is really rubbing the Liberty-loving American public the wrong way.

ClashDaily covered that story here:

WH Press Secretary Says The Feds Are Going To Send People Door-To-Door To Push COVID Vaccine

While Republicans — including some GOP members of Congress — “pounced” on the new tactic insisting that it’s not any of the federal government’s damned business to know what private medical decisions Americans have made, the Praetorian Guard Media circled the wagons in defense and gave a platform to one of the Biden-Harris administration’s propagandists.

U.S. Health And Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra went on CNN on Thursday morning and said that it’s absolutely the government’s business to know if people have been vaccinated.

His reasoning is rather rich… Becerra said, “The federal government has spent trillions of dollars to keep Americans alive during this pandemic, so it is absolutely the government’s business.”

It’s now their business whether or not you’re vaccinated because they spent trillions of dollars of your money during the pandemic? And you’re supposed to be grateful?!

That is reminiscent of what Little Lord Fauci said back in November of 2020 — that Americans just need to stop being so bloody independent and obey the diktats.

WATCH: Dr. Fauci Says That America Has An ‘Independent Spirit’ But It’s Time To ‘Do What You’re Told’ To Stop COVID

Becerra realizes that he just stepped in it and tries to backtrack, but it’s too late. He’s said the quiet thing out loud and there’s no way to get that cat back in the bag, so he resorts to fearmongering. He says, “If you want to stay alive — the best chance is if you’re vaccinated.” He then remembers to mention something-something “freedom” something…

“If you want to stay alive — if you’re going to contract COVID and you want to stay alive, the best chance is if you’re vaccinated.”

He says this as though COVID is a death sentence — it isn’t. Over 170 million people have contracted the virus and recovered. Heck, the medical experts were going on and on about “asymptomatic spread” for a while there.

This isn’t March 2020, we’ve learned quite a bit about this disease. We know that COVID is a risk for the elderly, the obese, the immuno-compromised, and those with other health conditions that put them at greater risk.

These vaccines are not fully FDA approved — they’re approved for “emergency use” and the mRNA vaccine is a new technology that hasn’t been used in humans before. There are no long-term studies on any of these vaccines, and they didn’t have time to put them through the normally rigorous testing period. That doesn’t mean that they’re not safe, but it doesn’t mean that we know everything about them, either. Besides, there are some concerns by some “medical experts” about the risks that complications from the vaccine pose to teen boys and young men as well as teen girls and women in their childbearing years. 

We used to be able to assess risk, but this virus has made people incapable of doing that.

The “experts” in charge demand compliance.

Obey, peasant!

These people are truly astounding.

They’re just Big Mad because people are starting to resume their lives as normal and the authoritarians don’t want to give up their control of the plebs.

The audacity of these COVIDictators is beyond comprehension at this point, and they think that they’re beyond reproach.

Philip Wegmann of Real Clear Politics tried to get a straight answer from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about whether or not the federal government is keeping track of who is and is not vaccinated in light of Secretary Becerra’s comments on CNN. He didn’t get a response.

Now, call me cynical, but it seems to me that this isn’t about The Science™ since the “medical experts” are telling everyone — including those who have already contracted and recovered from the coronavirus — that they need to be immunized.

The United States is the greatest country on Earth, but news from other parts of the world doesn’t always break through the near-impenetrable wall of the insular Corporate Media.

For example, did you know that it’s unlikely that children 12-17 in the U.K. will be offered the vaccine even though their regulator has approved it for use? Yet, the U.S. and Canada are insisting that children 12 and older be given the vaccine, and Pfizer is now conducting trials on children aged  5-11.

If our Corporate Media wasn’t so self-absorbed and insistent that they have to create and perpetuate a leftwing narrative, we would have conversations about how medical experts in different countries are disagreeing on how to “Follow The Science™.”

But the Corporate Media doesn’t really care about any of that. Their job seems to be to become the 2021 version of Pravda for the Democrats. If that’s the case, then… Mission Accomplished.

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