TED CRUZ Rips CDC As ‘Arm Of The DNC’ — Here’s Why He’s Right (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 30, 2021

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Ted Cruz kicked a hornet’s nest on Hannity when he said the CDC, a ‘defacto arm of the DNC’ has left its credibility ‘in tatters’. That’s a bold statement. Can it stand up to scrutiny?

You bet.

Here is the clip from Hannity where he said exactly that.

He gives out a list of ways in which government officials, especially Democrats, used COVID as an excuse to throw their weight around politically and make regulations on the population they had little or no constitutional authority to institute, first of all, and that had no serious scientific backing to justify it.

His list blasts Democrats for treating it the pandemic …

…’as a matter of politics from the shutdowns, we saw all over the country, to the schools that were closed and the kids that were hurt to the jack-booted thugs that went persecuting people of faith who were going to church and singing in church, we saw a political agenda instead of common sense to keep us safe. And I gotta say that culminated yesterday in the CDC’s absurd decision that people who have been vaccinated must nonetheless wear masks when inside. And that decision, Sean, that’s not science. That’s politics.

That’s pure politics. And you know what? Yesterday vaccines worked. Today they still work, but as a political matter, the Democrats decided they want to control your lives, they want everyone to wear a mask. And my view is real simple: We shouldn’t have federal government mandates on COVID. That means no mask mandates, that means no vaccine mandates, that means no vaccine passports. This should be a question of individual choice.

Now look, personally, I’ve gotten the vaccine. My family’s gotten the vaccine. That’s the choice we made. But I also believe in individual freedom and responsibility. It’s your choice to do what’s right for you, what’s right for your family. And you don’t need a bunch of meddling bureaucrats from Washington setting a mandate and deciding you have to do this to go to work, to go to school, to get on a plane, to live … and this Democratic party, you know… the CDC has destroyed their credibility. A year and a half ago, the CDC was one of the most respected scientific organizations in the world and they allowed themselves to be politicized with Dr. Fauci at the helm of the politicization and right now their credibility is in tatters because they’ve behaved more like an arm of the DNC than an actual serious medical and scientific orgnization.

We’ve put the key takeaway in bold text.

Can a claim like that be backed up with evidence? Sure it can.

We didn’t have to look any further than the CDC’s same ‘very science-y’ justification of their latest mask mandate or ‘recommendation’ that vaccinated people wear masks indoors that Ted Cruz was objecting to in the clip.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited an unpublished study from India to justify its recommendation Tuesday that fully vaccinated people “wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high transmission” of COVID-19.

That study, which claimed the Delta variant produced an unusually large viral load in more than 100 vaccinated healthcare workers with “breakthrough infections,” was listed as having failed peer review in the journal Nature when the CDC cited it. —JustTheNews

Surely that’s the end of the story right? Using a discredited or ‘rejected’ peer-reviewed study as the justification for a policy that arbitrarily curbs citizens’ rights is as bad as it gets, right?


The real head-scratcher here is how the scientific journals adjusted their approval process so that the rejected paper was removed from the ‘rejected’ pile so as to line up with the CDC’s stated policy, and then changed it back again after public outcry.

The paper had been officially marked with a ‘reject’ status as of July 9.

Research Square addressed the confusion twice around noon Wednesday, blaming “a bug” and “a user interface error on our end.” It said the paper was still under review “and the current editorial decision is ‘Revise.'”

The review notes disappeared again from the “peer review timeline” later in the afternoon, leaving only a “current status” classification of the paper as “under review.” Research Square also posted a revised header clarifying that the paper was being considered by “a Nature Portfolio Journal,” not necessarily the flagship journal, and that it partners with the publisher on “a journal-integrated preprint deposition service.” —JustTheNews

If they really wanted us to ‘trust the science’ they would make sure it doesn’t get caught up in partisan gamesmanship.

It doesn’t take many lies or flip-flops from a supposedly ‘authoritative’ source to shoot their credibility straight to hell.

Since this whole pandemic started, Fauci and the CDC have had more positions than the Kama Sutra. We’ve even seen the White House change its guidance to conform to the demands of the Teachers Unions.

They don’t think we’ve already forgotten about THIS, do they? CORRUPTING THE SCIENCE: Teachers’ Unions Busted Influencing CDC Official Policy

Is it any wonder ordinary citizens are left wondering who they can really believe?

When demonstrable ‘misinformation’ is coming from ‘official’ sources, the rest of us are left to figure it out for ourselves.

At least Cruz had the spine to call them on it.

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