Ten Percent Of ‘Fugitive’ Texas Dems Have Tested Positive For COVID — Spread It To A WH Staffer And Pelosi’s Aide

Written by K. Walker on July 20, 2021

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So far, six of the nearly sixty Texas Democrats that fled from their lawmaking responsibilities have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Texas Democrats were insisting that they were on the moral high ground in their opposition to the completely reasonable Republican Election Reform bill that would roll back the emergency measures put in place in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They chartered a bus to Tennessee and then hopped on a private jet to D.C. to push for the federal oversight of elections with Pelosi & Co’s unconstitutional “For The People Act.”

Texas State Dems Flee Like Cockroaches To DC … Here’s What’s Wrong With That Plan

While they were on their multi-state excursion with their party atmosphere and case of beer, the whole lot of them were unmasked. (Which, frankly, is fine, since these are grown-ass adults on a private plane and the studies on mask efficacy are sketchy at best.) The no mask thing did, however, violate President Biden’s executive order mandating masks for all interstate travel.

Oh, well. No matter. At least they’re all fully vaccinated, right? Right.

But then, on Monday, it was reported that five of them tested positive for the novel coronavirus that may or may not have escaped from a virology lab in Wuhan, China.

On Tuesday, it was reported that yet another Texas Democrat has tested positive bringing the count up to six.

When someone who has been vaccinated has tested positive for the virus, these are called “breakthrough” cases. And so far, six of the nearly 60 Texas Democrats who have left have had “breakthrough” cases.

But let’s remember, these people have been on their little publicity stunt at a cost of over $43,000 a day to Texas taxpayers, have been out and about meeting with top Democrats and every member of the Corporate Media that is willing to give them a platform.

On Tuesday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that one White House staffer who was fully vaccinated has tested positive and that there were other “breakthrough cases” in the White House that hadn’t been disclosed before.

Axios reported that one of the staffers from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office that had “helped usher a delegation of Democratic Texas lawmakers around the Capitol last week” had also tested positive for the virus. According to Axios, both the Pelosi staffer and the White House official attended the same “rooftop reception at the Eaton DC hotel last Wednesday night.”

It looks like the publicity tour by those Texas Democrats is going along swimmingly. One Texas lawmaker estimates that the stunt will end up costing taxpayers as much as $1.5 million. But it could have an even higher cost with the high-ranking Democrats in the age bracket that is at the highest risk of death from the virus — Joe Biden is 78 and Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old.

Ghoulish though it may be, the Party of Death might not find the sudden, tragic demise of Biden and/or Pelosi a bad thing if the Texas Democrats are far-leftists — perhaps making up a portion of the 2% of support that Kamala Harris couldn’t add to during the primary. The Vice President always seems to be lurking in the background waiting for her turn…

Peter Doocy, the White House Correspondent for Fox News asked Psaki if now that 10% of the Texas Democrats gallivanting around Washington D.C. have tested positive for the coronavirus, and have apparently given it to people who work with some of the highest-ranking Democrats in the country, is this propaganda tour considered a “super spreader” event. Unsurprisingly, Psaki said that she wouldn’t “characterize it that way.”

Unfortunately for Jen Psaki, the CDC disagrees.

So it is indeed a “super spreader” since they’ve passed the virus from Texas to D.C.

Doesn’t that mean that the White House Press Secretary is spreading “misinformation”?

But hey, at least you can laugh at them, right?

Six…for now.

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