WATCH: Actor John Leguizamo Lectures Parents Opposed To CRT As ‘Ignorant’ Explains It As ‘Academic Thinky-Talk’

Written by K. Walker on July 12, 2021

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Another Hollywood whats-his-name is out there spouting off on something that he barely knows about because he thinks he knows better than you. After all, he is an actor.

You remember John Leguizamo, right? He was that guy in that movie with [name of a famous actor]? That’s kind of how I remember him, anyway.

Actually, he’s not that bad an actor — I liked him as Tybalt in that modern 90s version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Of course, that was 25 years ago…

To his credit, he’s still acting. He was in John Wick 2, apparently. (I admit it, I didn’t watch any of the John Wick movies.)

According to Leguizamo’s IMDB profile, a lot of his more recent credits are voice work for cartoons — parents and grandparents might remember him as Sid the sloth from Ice Age.

Leguizamo is now weighing in on the sudden outrage over CRT in schools. He says that it’s not being taught to your kids, and if you think it is, then you’re ignorant. Leguizamo later implies that if you do oppose it in college, then you’re racist.

He also provides a definition of Critical Race Theory for those of us ignoramuses that don’t know what CRT is — it’s “academic thinky talk.” Thanks, John. That’s so helpful.


There is only one correct response to Leguizamo’s little f-bomb filled rant:

Why are parents so opposed to Critical Race Theory? Well, it’s because CRT is racist. Leguizamo can try to “lipstick on a pig” this one all he wants to, but it is viewing our history and our society through a racial lens that categorizes people as victims and oppressors based on their skin color. It is antithetical to American values and the view that the vast majority of the Founders held.

Alright, let’s go over this one more time for the slow people like Leguizamo that don’t seem to get it — Critical Race Theory itself is not being taught to K-12 children. There is no Critical Race Theory class where kids take out their CRT textbooks and learn the branch of critical theory that began in the Law department of Harvard University and concluded that disparities among races are the result of racism that undergirds all human interactions and is, therefore, the foundation of all systems created by people.

What is happening in classrooms now is the lens of CRT — that all human interactions are based on race — is being used to teach History, Civics, and Social Studies. In some places, this includes dividing students by race and young children are being introduced to the idea that “whiteness” is evil. Some public school boards — and a handful of “woke” elite private schools — are recommending a book that suggests that “whiteness” is a contract with the devil.

That is as racist as it gets.

How is that even legal?! It’s a question that should probably be asked in a class-action lawsuit…

But John Leguizamo says we should just “calm the f**k down” because this isn’t being taught to our kids.

On Monday, the White House Press Secretary defended the teaching of “systemic racism” in classrooms.

Did you expect anything less from the Biden-Harris administration?

Many school boards are so anti-American that they’re committed to teaching this racist garbage to students even if parents oppose it. What’s more, these school boards are so drunk on power that think that they have the right to indoctrinate kids because they’re somehow above the parents’ authority — they believe that parents are supposed to respect the teacher’s authority.

James Lindsey posted a photo of what Virginia’s Loudon County Public School Board paid $34,167 for. (Spoiler — it’s not good.)

Gee, you think maybe that is why there’s so much pushback?

Speaking of James Lindsey’s tweets… he weighed in on Leguizamo’s little video, and there was an interesting reply to his insightful commentary…

Good grief.

Behold: John Leguizamo. A prime example of our moral and intellectual “superiors” in Hollywood.

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